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Alexandra Cabot graduated from Columbia University and received Master’s Degrees in Counseling and Psychology, and Social Work. Her lifelong love of children led her to pursue working with and volunteering with families in educational and hospital settings. She has also worked as a hospice chaplain. She has four children and ten grandchildren. She currently resides in the Hudson River Valley.

Waking Up to Feeling

Waking Up to Feeling: An Expressive Journey of Intentional Healing

How do our life experiences shape who we are and how do we find our purpose? In Waking up to Feeling: An Expressive Journey of Intentional Healing, Alexandra Cabot bravely tells her inspiring life story, sharing insights gained from years spent searching for physical and emotional healing. She chronicles her youth, marriages, relationships with her family, and meaningful friendships, reflecting on the lessons learned from challenges and adversity. She includes heartfelt letters to her grandchildren with reflections on the ties between the past and present.

We all face the human struggle to endure and enjoy the Mystery of Life, and everything we do makes a difference. What is really important in this life? What can we learn when we look closely at the choices we’ve made that have brought us to where we are today? Cabot’s journey from pain and isolation to joy and connection with others offers hope and guidance to anyone searching for contentment and inner peace.

Interviews & Articles

Interviews & Articles

New Book: Waking Up to Feeling by Alexandra Cabot

What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

In this beautifully written and intimate memoir, Alexandra untangles the life-long impact of love given and love withheld, battles with eczema and chronic illness, and the misguided decisions made over a lifetime. Specifically related to living with eczema, she gives voice to the completely life-altering disease that is still woefully misunderstood. She is by all accounts a woman warrior to have battled the incessant itch 24/7, along with the painful, red, inflamed skin, throughout her life. Woven throughout is a profound search for wholeness, especially as a mother. One of the powerful messages of this book is that it’s never too late! It’s never too late to come to know your own worthiness, to share your truth, to forgive mistakes, and live in compassion and empathy—often by simply noticing—with no analyzing or judgement. Lessons for all. It has led her to a spiritual acceptance that is honest and allows much grace for herself and others. Her crazy deep love for children, her children and grandchildren in particular, is a true wonder and inspiration. Her story is a gift to us all.

—Julie Block, President & CEO, National Eczema Association

Alexandra Cabot has written a brave and beautiful memoir about her “expressive journey of intentional healing.” Each of those four principle words matter. “Expressive” references the power of the expressive arts, including deep journaling and writing practices. “Journey” references Alexandra’s life-long quest. “Intentional Healing” tells us this is a journey undertaken with the intention to move toward wholeness and the true self. I love this memoir for its freshness, its candor, and its open-hearted wonder at the precious lives we are given and what we each make of this gift.

—Michael Lerner, Cofounder, Commonweal

Waking Up to Feeling describes a journey from anguish and confusion to joy, from isolation to connection. Alexandra’s story— written from the heart with gusto and courage—is one of transformation and healing, authentic and inspiring, and many will draw strength by finding their own reflection here. Alexandra has made a generous and valuable contribution to the literature of our times.

—Barbara S. Kane, PhD Psychoanalyst

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