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Angella Watkis-Francis is on a new journey as a creator, author, and entrepreneur. She is sharing her personal transformation experience to inspire others to embark on their individual introspective journey to transform their relationships. She is impacting the world with her innovative thinking and entrepreneurial tenacity. She has successfully created the Marrsing lifestyle concept and brand by infusing her education from her Master of Communications and her Executive MBA degrees, along with her quest for knowledge, understanding of our life experiences, and spiritual enlightenment.

Her professional career spans both the private and public government sector. As a leader, she credits her inspiration to Lyssons All-Age school, Morant Bay High, BayPath University, and UConn Business School educational journeys as catalysts in her gift as a leader and a pioneer. She seeks to “create a path, so she can leave a trail for others to follow.”

She hopes to inspire others to lead their lives with gratitude and positivity. She encourages all to practice ‘DIG’(ing) for answers, and to celebrate their value, because there is greatness within us and we are all worth it!

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The Power of Marrsing

The Power of Marrsing: Tapping into Our Individual Consciousness

Relationships are all about communicating and connecting, but are we willing to share our true, authentic selves with our partner? What holds us back and how can we effectively communicate our emotions to each other throughout a lifetime? Angella Watkis Francis offers an inspiring path to deeper, committed relationships in The Power of Marrsing. Marrsing, a term coined by Francis, is the concept that a deep understanding of ourselves and our relationship patterns can transform the way we live, love, and share with our partners.

Choosing to live a Marrsing life means becoming more intentional with our thoughts and actions, digging deep into our life experiences to uncover our truths and our purpose. In order to have a healthy relationship or marriage, we need to heal the hurts of the past. We have to be emotionally healthy and spiritually fulfilled to allow true love and its blessings to flow into our lives. Francis guides the reader on an inner journey to discover the fears, emotional traumas, and life events that impact relationships and marriage. She explores the importance of boundaries to protect the sacredness of our commitments, and the power of positivity to overcome resentments.

With the power of Marrsing, Francis shows us how to elevate our awareness of our own thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors to transform our interpersonal connections. It’s possible to have the relationships we truly desire…once we fully accept ourselves.

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New Book: The Power of Marrsing by Angella Watkis Francis

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

The Power of Marrsing gives us more than food for thought for anyone who wants to create a loving, honest, authentic relationship. By promoting self-awareness as an integral part of any relationship, Angella Watkis Francis is inviting us to live intentionally, to love consciously, and to share generously.

—Angela Silva Mendes, Author, Founder of Upanji Life Coaching, Connecticut, USA

Sharing her experience has helped me and others take a deep look at our lives and our relationships. I know all who can experience the marrsing journey will find this very impactful to their lives and the lives of the partners they choose. I am deeply honored to be a part of Angella's life and most importantly, the marrsing journey. I know this is only the beginning.

—Jennifer James, MBA, MPFP, MST, Consulting CFO, Acacia Business

You may not know the term marrsing, but you can trust that Angella Francis will reveal this new way of looking deep within yourself for the answers you seek in your primary relationship. Angella has pulled together some of the most prolific insights from philosophers and religious text in order to support you in creating the kind of relationship you desire. Insightful, easy to understand, and immediately actionable. A fast and effective read.

—Bill Carmody, Bestselling Author of The Three Rules of Marriage

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