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David A. O’Brien is President of WorkChoice Solutions, LLC, a nationally recognized provider of leadership and team effectiveness consulting services. Prior to launching WorkChoice Solutions in 2000, David was a Senior Vice President and General Manager with a global provider of workforce management services. His corporate consulting career spans over twenty years and includes key leadership roles within a variety of industries including Aerospace, Healthcare, and Financial Services.

The Navigator's Handbook

The Navigator’s Handbook: 101 Leadership Lessons for Work and Life

Based on lessons from a distinguished twenty-year leadership career, The Navigator’s Handbook: 101 Leadership Lessons for Work & Life is a collection of observations and personal experiences that explore the common denominators of truly great leaders. Using a combination of personal reflection, story telling, and consulting case studies, author David A. O’Brien explores some of leadership’s most pressing challenges, including:

– Employee Engagement,
– Organizational Change,
– Leadership Communication,
– Development Coaching,
– Career Management,
– and Employee Satisfaction.

It presents proven processes and methodologies for helping leaders turn these challenges into opportunities for peak performance. Full of fresh ideas, interesting stories, and first-hand accounts from the corner office, The Navigator’s Handbook is an action-oriented and practical guide for helping leaders bring out the best in themselves and their teams.

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The Navigator's Compass

The Navigator’s Compass: 101 Steps Toward Leadership Excellence

David A. O’Brien continues his directional theme for leaders in his second book, “The Navigator’s Compass.” David’s words transcend the traditional boundaries of personal and professional life to show that we are all leaders. This book is a quick, easy read with stories, lessons, and tips on a variety of leadership topics, including the following:

– Organizational Change
– Employee Engagement
– Workplace Resilience
– Emotional Intelligence
– Deliberate Leadership
– Development Coaching

It provides proven processes and methodologies for helping leaders at all levels to expand their influence and impact. “The Navigator’s Compass” is an action-oriented and practical guide for helping leaders bring out the best in themselves and their teams.

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

In the tradition of Good to Great, The Navigator’s Handbook is a people-based, action-oriented, practical guide designed to bring out the best in your leadership abilities. David’s wonderful sense of narrative and pace provides insights through passed-along wisdom from some surprising sources. The Navigator’s Handbook helps you chart your own course to personal discovery and leadership

—DOUGLAS A. BOWEN President and CEO, PeoplesBan

David O’Brien recognizes how critical behaviors and our desire for a higher purpose in an organization and in our lives can define success or failure for a company, a team, and a person. He captures a lifetime of developing winning teams and people and puts them in simple, easy-to-follow lessons for managers at all levels that will lead to the Navigator’s path. It is well worth reading.

—Arthur Banks Chief Operating Officer (Retired), Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

David’s style is welcoming and draws you in to the conversation. By sharing his own experiences, you know this is not a prescriptive approach. Rather, having lived through it, David becomes the guide who points out the stunning vistas as well as the obstacles and potential trouble spots along the leadership path. The exercises and lessons learned allow for the reader to start to construct their own experiences and go back for reinforcement, reminders, and renewal whenever needed.

— Deepika Nath, PhD, Founder & Principal, Indica Consulting

A must-read for any leader, whether you officially lead an organization, a team, or want to have more influence in your own life. You can open this book to any page and find a wealth of helpful advice and food for thought. The Navigator’s Compass is chock-full of practical, actionable advice. It is guaranteed to expand your thinking about your leadership. I found myself reflecting on many of the thoughts David raises in his excellent book, long after I finished reading it.

—Jesse Stoner CEO, Seapoint Center Best-selling author with Ken Blanchard of Full Steam Ahead

David O’Brien once again sets himself apart from the rest with this tremendous work of clarity. The book is really a manual for leadership development based on practice, with foundations in theory. The real value of David’s writing are the sets of premises followed by methodologies on how to achieve them. While leadership cannot be learned as simply as memorizing material for a course, his book provides a theoretical construct upon which to have leadership characteristics evolve, while effectuating the processes step-by-step via real-life, experience-based instructions. I would highly recommend his book to anyone who is, or may one day be, on a leadership path.

—Edward Rippel, MD President, Quinnipiac Internal Medicine

David O’Brien has mastered the essence of real leadership that is desperately needed in all corners of our society today. His writing style is smooth and easy. His extensive list of personal examples reinforces his message while his focused use of metaphors, analogies, and quotations adds brilliant color to every page. The Navigator’s Compass is an extraordinary sequel to The Navigator’s Handbook and moves Mr. O’Brien into the upper echelon of American leadership thinkers.

—George Hathaway Best-selling author of Leadership Secrets from the Executive Office

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