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Denise Cooper served clients as an executive trainer and speaker for over a decade, speaks regularly on executive leadership, remaking the HR function and is the Head of People Operations for Pack4U a tech-enabled health services company that optimizes prescribed medication.

Remarkable Leadership Lessons

Remarkable Leadership Lessons: Change Results One Conversation at a Time

Being a leader is dangerous. It requires being on the line for something you believe…whether it’s to change the future, walk-in faith, or stand for unpopular values. The crux of being a leader is to have the character strength, courage, and tenacity to share your point of view. To listen to another’s perspective and find a way to value those who don’t think or act like you and who see the world differently from you and do it in a way that honors our humanity and imperfections.

Remarkable Leadership Lessons is a thought book. It’s designed to let you see the power and potential within you, and if you show up, step up and speak up, you can get the results you really want. What stops us is complacency; being comfortable with fear, being less than, and believing we are not enough to be respected/loved/worthy because we experience the world differently than others.

Remarkable Leadership Lessons is an action book. The anecdotes and case histories bring to life skills anyone and everyone can use to achieve more when they choose to engage in meaningful conversations that change an idea and get the needed results. The proactive measures and steps recommended throughout will help any leader establish more cooperative and supportive relationships.

Leadership is a contact sport, and the sport is conversational excellence. Anyone can have a conversation that is noteworthy that leads to better results. Remarkable leadership is valuing the unique experiences others bring, helping others engage in change, while respecting their right to think differently.

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Interviews & Articles

Interviews & Articles

New Book: Remarkable Leadership Lessons by Denise J Cooper

What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Remarkable Leadership Lessons is like Chicken Soup for the Soul, but for businesses.

—Cazzell Smith, Media Professional

As a former NC State Senator, a husband, father, a businessman, and a neighbor, every day I am challenged to open my mind to the possibility that there is another side here... another point of view that has to be included in my decisions. This book gives hope to all, that each conversation can change a mind, open a heart, and change your situation.

—Joel Ford, Former NC State Senator, SVP Sales and Operations

Adapt, change, or die--that is the adage. Everything has changed, so why should we stay the same? Denise's book will show everyone stuck in a rut that change isn't something to be feared but embraced. We learn and grow by stepping out of our comfort zone. This book will give you the push to take that leap of faith.

—Jeffrey Hayzlett, Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Speaker, Author, and Part-Time Cowboy

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