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Derek Mazzarella was born and raised in Berlin, Connecticut, before attending Bryant University where he not only majored in management but was the school mascot on a few occasions. After college, Derek moved to Boston and became a financial advisor in 2009. Currently, Derek is a certified financial planner with Gateway Financial Partners located in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Derek has helped hundreds of clients over the years. He has been named a Five Star Wealth Professional multiple times, has appeared on local news stations as a financial expert, and has been quoted in several financial publications. Most importantly, he supports local nonprofits. In his free time, Derek enjoys spending time with his family and playing soccer, basketball, and guitar.

Just Retire Already

Just Retire Already: An Unconventional Retirement Guide

With the drop in private pensions and the changing economy, we can no longer rely on the traditional way of thinking about retirement. Conventional wisdom only goes so far; in these uncertain times, planning for retirement requires knowledge and tools that many of us lack. In Just Retire Already, Derek Mazzarella offers shrewd and straightforward guidance on building a solid foundation that will weather the retirement challenges that are bound to come your way, from rising healthcare costs to inflation, taxes, and fluctuations in the stock market.

Will your money last as long as you do? When should you and/or your spouse start collecting social security? How can you reduce your tax liability? Mazzarella reviews the top 7 risks that can derail your retirement and 10 different retirement tools to mitigate those risks. He breaks down these critical financial concepts using analogies, jokes and a relatable tone. He presents simple, actionable steps so you can create a retirement plan customized to meet your needs.

Whether you’re on the cusp of retiring or still have years to go before you bid your work life adieu, Just Retire Already will give you the confidence and tools you need to optimize your nest egg and prepare for a successful, stress-free retirement.

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Interviews & Articles

Interviews & Articles

New Book: Just Retire Already by Derek Mazzarella, CFP®

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

As an estate planning attorney, I see the sad consequences of failing to plan nearly every day. The first thing that America needs is a "wake up" call, and this book is it. America is not prepared to age. Our personal finances are not prepared to cover long-term care costs, which may easily exhaust a family's entire life savings. And budget deficits and taxes are only going to make the problem worse. Derek is the right person to wake America up. All of the outstanding content I've seen him produce through various channels-all combined into a book to guide America into aging-I could not imagine something more needed right now in America.

—Zach Anderson, Estate Planning Attorney at Brodowski, McCurry, Miller & Hoekenschnieder

I have known and worked with Derek for almost a decade and his advice, direction, and guidance have been invaluable to my wife and my long-term financial planning. As with most people, I assumed my retirement would take care of itself, I mean I maxed out my 401K every year-isn't that all you need to do? Meeting Derek, hearing the reality of retirement planning, and learning what proper investing looks like truly opened my eyes to what I (we) would need when the time to move into La Boca Vista comes upon us-and more importantly, he gave us the tools we needed to be in control of that decision so we could make it happen on our time frame. Learning the proper investment strategies for our lifestyle both now and for retirement is not something we could have known. Additionally, I always thought I would sort this stuff out on my own. I mean how hard may it really be to store away money for the future? Looking back now, it makes sense- my accountant does my taxes, my mechanic fixes my car, my electrician handles the wiring; so why would I not want a professional financial advisor to handle my retirement? The tools and strategies discussed in this book, which of course will be slightly different for everyone, are like being readied for battle and ensuring you have the right armament to come out a winner.

—David Schulze, Regional Vice President at Service Max

Having immersed myself in Derek Mazzarella's book on financial and tax planning, I can confidently say it's a game-changer in the realm of personal finance literature. This captivating book goes beyond the conventional approach, infusing financial planning with personal anecdotes and captivating examples that not only educate but also entertain. The author's wealth of knowledge shines through, making complex finance and tax strategies accessible to readers of all backgrounds. With a blend of wit, wisdom, and real-life experiences, this book reshapes our preconceived notions on financial planning, empowering us to make informed decisions that can optimize our financial well-being. It's a must-have for anyone who is serious about their financial decisions and status throughout and after their professional journey.

—Rushab Kamdar, Founder & CEO of Think Business 360

I had the pleasure of working with Derek for five years. We worked together on many financial plans, and I had the opportunity to witness his deep concern for our clients and their well-being. Derek's holistic financial knowledge, and sense of humor, put clients' financial worries at ease. The ability to instill confidence about the future, and retirement, is one of his inherent gifts as a financial planner.

—Richard (Dick) Howell, Financial Advisor at The Bulfinch Group

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