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From his 20+ years working with some of the world’s most admired companies, Dr. Byers has proven that when leaders learn to apply The Multiplier Effect of Inclusion effectively, their organizations enjoy an increase in market share, process efficiencies, and business growth. In addition, they will sustain a productive organizational culture, gain a competitive edge, and cultivate and retain a diverse workforce.

The Multiplier Effect of Inclusion

The Multiplier Effect of Inclusion: How Diversity & Inclusion Advances Innovation and Drives Growth

The Multiplier Effect of Inclusion is a process that systemically creates greater problem-solving, creativity, and innovative ideas resulting in increased market share, process efficiencies, and business growth. When leaders learn to apply inclusion effectively, organizations will realize the value of having a diverse and inclusive team that produces innovative products, solutions, and services. By following the roadmap within this book, you can design a strategic action plan to build and retain diversity, and cultivate a culture that leverages the Multiplier Effect of Inclusion.

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Interviews & Articles

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

At Target, we see incredible power in a single three-letter word: and. We talk about the power of and and the value created when we make space for each other--diversity and inclusion. As Tony draws on his personal history and decades-long career advising the leadership of some of the world's largest companies, he rightly concludes that diversity alone is simply not enough given the ever-evolving demographic shifts taking place in today's environment. Inclusivity must be an equal component of an organization's culture. The Multiplier Effect of Inclusion is a must-read for any manager who understands that building more diverse and inclusive teams results in better business outcomes and greater innovation.

—Brian Cornell, Chief Executive Officer, Target Corporation

I was fascinated to read about Tony's own early life journey which illuminates why leveraging diversity and inclusion are such a lifelong passion for him. He expresses the business benefits of leveraging diversity through inclusion better than I have ever seen before. Tony differentiates between simply having diversity and what it takes to create a culture of inclusion in order to reap the benefits. The book provides a model for success and sets the bar high for everyone. I recommend his insightful book for every business leader. —Michael Welp, Ph.D. Co-Founder, White Men as Full Diversity Partners. Author, Four Days To Change

—Michael Welp, Ph.D. Co-Founder, White Men as Full Diversity Partners. Author, Four Days To Change

In The Multiplier Effect of Inclusion, we are reminded that when effectively practiced, the work of [diversity and inclusion] presents organizations with an opportunity to grow, innovate, and create value for shareholders. I have found when the subject becomes too much about the politics of D&I, rather than the well-researched and undeniable truth that it is good for business, its importance as a creator of value for organizations and society gets lost in translation. Tony brings us back to the immutable truth that D&I creates value, and the work specifically on Inclusion, multiplies our efforts across organizations.

—Willard L. McCloud III, Global Lead Diversity, Inclusion & Culture, Pfizer New York, New York

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