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Etty Burk is passionate about inclusion and respect in her personal and professional life. As an Organizational Psychologist, she works on projects that reinforce her passion for creating inclusive environments and cultures where all feel valued, safe, and respected. In addition, Etty has partnered with leaders across various industries to create healthy organizations with productive and engaged employees. Etty obtained a Ph.D. in Psychology and Education from Columbia University. Etty’s passion for inclusion resulted in this story of tolerance, belonging, hope, and being unique. Etty currently lives in New York and is lucky to be part of a family of wonderfully different and unique humans.
Aaron The Different

Aaron The Different: A Story of Courage, Belonging, and Acceptance

Eight-year-old Aaron lives in a country called Premium on the planet Astron, but unlike his tall, perfectly purple family and friends, Aaron is round, small and green. His classmates tease him and won’t play with him because he’s different from all the other Premiums. Why won’t they accept him for who he is? His only friends are the sunmoonies and myrtledockers, strange and wonderful creatures who live in the forest and teach him the secrets of the mysterious underground caves and tunnels.

When disaster strikes during a school field trip, Aaron is faced with the challenge of his life. Something happens that changes everything, showing Aaron the value of his true inner strength, boosting his confidence, and inspiring the people of Premium forever.

This uplifting story is a catalyst for important discussions with children and adults about respect, kindness, and acceptance. We all possess unique skills and talents and have the power to make real positive change. Author Etty Burk, an organizational psychologist who works with teams and organizations, delivers a powerful lesson for people of all ages about diversity and inclusion in Aaron’s story. We can all help people feel they are safe, welcome, and truly belong.

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Interviews & Articles

New Book: Aaron the Different by Etty Burk

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Beautifully written. Descriptive, clear, and so thought-provoking. This is not only super valuable in the corporate arena, but even in schools... the book can be used to combat bullying. Or with discrimination against individuals with disabilities, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, diverse groups, Orthodox Jews in the workplace, and so much more. Wow, Etty, so much hard work..this book is definitely a game-changer. Thanks so much for sharing!

—Atara S., MBA., Expert and Advocate for families and children with special needs

Aaron The Different is a fun and captivating story with many teaching and learning moments. Children and adults together can learn many powerful messages through Aaron as he discovers his strengths despite his fears. In addition, those around him learn the importance of tolerance and inclusion of all individuals. As a special education teacher, parent, and grandparent, I would definitely incorporate this book to introduce the importance of self-worth, tolerance, and acceptance despite differences such as race, color, gender, or religion. Today, this book can benefit everyone in our ever-changing world by learning through Aaron and his "Premium world" to ultimately accept, tolerate, and see the beauty in others rather than focusing on our differences.

—Fay L., BA Early Childhood Education, MA Special Education. Evaluator for special services and parent counseling

Reading this beautifully illustrated, imaginative, whimsical yet deeply profound story, children of all ages can be inspired and empowered to appreciate their inherent uniqueness and personal courage! A true gift for these times. It is highly recommended for classroom and leisure reading!

—Sara B., Psy.D, Psychologist

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