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An award-winning author, nationally recognized speaker, and savvy publishing strategist, Jenn T. Grace is the founder of Publish Your Purpose, the acclaimed hybrid publishing company that gives first-time authors the secrets to getting their books written, finding an eager audience & marking their place in the publishing world. Publish Your Purpose is a certified B Corp social enterprise that meets the gold standard of socially and environmentally-friendly business practices.

Jenn leads ambitious authors through every aspect of writing, editing, and publishing so their book strategically aligns with their business objectives. Whether it’s a business guide that shows the breadth of their expertise or an emotional memoir that takes readers deep into life’s challenges, she helps authors articulate their purpose and fulfill their mission. 

Jenn has published the books of almost 200 business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers, and memoirists so more diverse stories can exist in the world and her authors can make a positive impact and achieve the recognition and success they deserve. She is the author of seven books, including, Publish Your Purpose: A Step-by-Step Guide to Write, Publish, and Grow Your Big Idea. Jenn has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and CNBC.

Jenn lives in Connecticut with her family and enjoys being outside with her son, kayaking, hiking, skiing, and admiring the birds and nature around her.

Publish Your Purpose

Publish Your Purpose: A Step-By-Step Guide to Write, Publish, and Grow Your Big Idea

Strategic Advice from a Nonfiction Publishing Expert

I help business leaders, thought leaders, consultants, and speakers IMPACT the world by becoming published authors.

How many times have you thought, “I should write a book,” but weren’t sure where to start or if anyone would read it? Perhaps you want to become a thought leader, boost your brand and career, inspire and empower others like you to feel seen or heard, or even change the world. Whether your reasons for writing a book are personal, professional, or a mix of both, getting your story out there can be transformational for you, your career, and your readers. Much like a degree from a reputable university, having a published book gives you credibility and positions you as the expert that you are.

In Publish Your Purpose, Grace presents a step-by-step guide to writing and publishing your book. Encouraging and supportive, she takes you through the writing and publishing process, from big idea to book launch. Learn how to clarify your purpose and vision, set achievable goals, gain confidence, and create a productive writing routine. Based on her experience as an author and publisher, you’ll uncover wisdom about the publishing industry, marketing strategies, and the pros and cons of different publishing options.
Writing a book is a journey that takes time and effort, but that doesn’t mean you need to do it alone. With these tools and guidance, you can start—and finish—the journey of publishing your purpose. Let Jenn T. Grace be your guide.

Hardcover Paperback

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House on Fire

House on Fire: Finding Resilience, Hope, and Purpose in the Ashes

Fire. While it appears destructive, it’s also a force of renewal. Just as fire clears the way for new growth, so, too, can people transform their lives when they confront their worst fears and step into the sunlight of their purpose and truth.

House on Fire, a raw and riveting memoir by author and publisher Jenn T. Grace, explores her journey growing up as an adopted child in a chaotic household. Surviving a turbulent childhood marked by family conflict, mental illness, and alcoholism, Grace promises herself that life will get better. But as an adult, Grace’s personal and professional successes belie her inner turmoil.

When she bravely steps in to adopt her sister’s emotionally troubled daughter, she soon discovers that love and patience are not enough to meet the child’s needs. Desperate to find help, Grace and her wife struggle for years to navigate a broken mental health system that too often fails families and their children, leaving them with a heart-wrenching decision to save their sanity.

How do we let certain things go once we realize we have choices? How do we come to a place of healing and forgiveness? Too often, the outside world judges and criticizes without understanding the private challenges that many families face. Grace’s courage and honesty in telling her story is an inspiring message of hope and resilience for anyone suffering from trauma, adversity, and obstacles that seem insurmountable.

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Beyond The Rainbow

Beyond The Rainbow: Personal Stories and Practical Strategies to Help your Business & Workplace Connect with the LGBTQ Market

For more than a decade Jenn T. Grace, the Professional Lesbian, has helped organizations connect with the lucrative LGBTQ market.

In this, her fourth LGBTQ book, she takes us behind the scenes of her professional and personal life as she shares stories that illustrate the do’s and don’ts of doing business with the LGBTQ community. Woven into her stories, which are sprinkled with Jenn’s signature style of unapologetic honesty and lighthearted humor, are proven strategies to help readers navigate this highly nuanced demographic – sensitively and profitably.

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Therapy Notes for Families

Therapy Notes for Families: Staying organized with your child’s needs

This book is solving the needs of families who are raising children with complex mental health needs, who themselves don’t have the mental bandwidth to keep track of it all without a little bit of organizational assistance.

If you are raising a child with any level of mental health related needs you likely understand, all too well, how much effort goes into keeping track of the many ongoing therapy appointments.
The creators of this book designed it to solve a personal need. After multiple years of weekly therapy and monthly psychiatry appointments, the collection and tracking of important information became too scattered to be helpful.

This book is broken into two parts – the first is helping you track all of your important information related to your child. This includes the contact information of all medical parties involved, such as the pediatrician, psychiatrist, neuropsychologist and therapist.

As well as the contact information for school staff, such as the principal, school psychologist, school social worker, classroom teacher, special education teacher and school nurse – among others.

You may also be intimately aware of how many times new clinicians ask you background information on your child, like known complications with pregnancy or milestones such as crawling, walking and talking. This is information that regardless how many times the book’s creators were asked, they had to think about it, rather than having the information at the ready.

The other component to the first part of this book is space to write down medication history. After the doctors lost the book creator’s medical file and all of their medication history was lost for their daughter, they recognized how important having this information in their hands was. It is important to know what medications you’ve tried and what the outcome/results were.

The second part of this book are fillable worksheets to last 52 visits to keep track of what happened at each visit – whether it is the weekly therapist or the psychiatrist you visit monthly, there is always a great deal information discussed and it can be hard to keep track of it all. The pages contain a place for height, weight and blood pressure – important things to monitor when trying new medications, as well as a place to list the medication name and the current dosage. The majority of each page provides space to write down family notes that you need to remember to tell the clinician that you are seeing. There is equal space available to write down the feedback and comments from the clinician. Finally, it ends with spots to include when the next visit is and a 3 point to-do list because you know there is always something for the parent or family to do in between visits as it relates to helping care for your child with mental health needs.

This book is solving the needs of families who are raising children with complex mental health needs, who themselves don’t have the mental bandwidth to keep track of it all without a little bit of organizational assistance.

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Interviews & Articles

Interviews & Articles

Book Launch Day Celebration | Publish Your Purpose

What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

If you want to write a non-fiction book, I highly recommend Publish Your Purpose by Jenn Grace. There is a lot of advice out there for aspiring authors. Unfortunately, much of it serves the person providing the advice much more directly than the person seeking it.

This book (and this author) is different.

I don't recommend this book because I agree with Jenn (though that's true, too); I recommend it because Jenn's advice is incredibly practical. This is a book that will actually help you achieve your writing goals. It is full of resources and actionable insights.

I've recommended this book to several clients and colleagues. It is the most helpful, complete, and honest resource I've found. Should you purchase the book and decide to take Jenn up on her offer to have a conversation, you'll find that she is precisely the wonderful human you'd expect her to be from reading her book!

Erica Holthausen

It’s a miracle I learned to read, let alone write a book. Speaking of reading, there is no book if there is no reader. I stumbled through the writing process, unaware of its complexity. I stumbled again when it came time to shepherd my book to an actual shelf. There is a sea of confusing and questionable industry resources. Publish Your Purpose is the outlier—in the best way. The PYP team is a family consisting of thought partners, champions, and good citizens. Plus it’s a good business. Their model makes a difference, so the writers they represent can do the same. Together, the voices for justice are stronger. Thank you PYP, Jenn, and the entire team.

Lisa Wise, Founder & Chief Strategist of Flock D.C., Speaker, Bestselling Author of Self-Elected: How to Put Justice Over Profit and Soar in Business

Putting one’s purpose into words and sharing them with an audience can be an overwhelming endeavor, but Jenn’s approach makes it possible. The wisdom she shares within these pages is changing the world, one person’s story at a time.

Erin Weed, TEDx Speaker on Authentic Communication, Creator of The Dig® and of Head-Heart-Core®

Publish Your Purpose completely changed my perspective on becoming an author. This book is an incredibly insightful and comprehensive guide for anyone looking to write and publish their own book. Part 1 of the book, “Mindset,” sets the tone for the rest of the journey by focusing on personal and professional goals, getting into the right mindset, and holding yourself accountable. This part really helped me understand the importance of purpose and vision when writing a book.

Nell Derick Debevoise, Chief Wrangler, Inspiring Cowgirl PBC, Bestselling Author of Going First: Finding the Courage to Lead Purposefully and Inspire Action

Publish Your Purpose is an essential read for any aspiring author. Jenn’s comprehensive guide covers everything from picking the best publishing path for you to managing your publishing costs and timeline. But what really sets this book apart is Jenn’s insight into the dangers of scams and censorship and her practical advice for avoiding them. If you’re serious about publishing your work, this book is a must-have resource.

Tina Dietz, CEO of Twin Flames Studios, Award-Winning and Internationally Acclaimed Audiobook and Podcast Producer

Mindset is one key to success, and Publish Your Purpose is a fantastic guide for anyone who wants to cultivate a winning mindset. Jenn provides practical and actionable advice on how to identify your purpose, vision, and impact, and how to set personal, professional, and business goals. What I loved most about this book is that it not only teaches you how to get into the right mindset but also provides strategies for staying accountable and how to promote your book along the way. Jenn’s writing style is engaging and easy to follow, and I found myself nodding along and taking notes throughout the book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to take their mindset to the next level and achieve their goal of writing and publishing a book.

Victoria (Vikki) Brown, Founder of V.A. Brown Consulting

If you have a book inside you that wants to come out but don’t know how to go about it or struggle to get started or finish it, this book is written just for you. I felt compelled to write my book. I started to write it, then started again, and again, and again. I was clear on why I was writing it, but I was not clear about who I was writing it for. Once I was clear on that, it just flowed. This book will help you get clear on your purpose, your vision, and who you are writing for. Jenn has suggestions for what to do at each step of the process to keep you on track and accountable to yourself. She makes the publishing process and publisher options easy to understand. It is important to choose a publisher based on the relationship you want to have with one. A supportive and collaborative publisher is essential to a good book.

Gavin Watson, Board Chair of Conscious Capitalism Connecticut, Author of Altruistic Business.

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