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Julina manages wealth for high-net-worth individuals and families in addition to guiding successful advisors through the firm’s succession planning strategy. Prior to joining Principle Wealth Partners, Julina held executive roles at J.P. Morgan Asset Management and Lord Abbett & Co. In these roles, she used her extensive knowledge of the capital markets to educate the country’s top advisors.

Julina is an accomplished speaker and writer who has presented wealth management concepts to thousands of financial professionals and clients. She has been recognized for her outstanding achievements and serves as a mentor for young women entering the business. With a passion for financial literacy she created a podcast, Women On Wealth, to empower women on financial concepts.

Julina resides in Fairfield, CT with her husband Doug, their daughters Kaylin and Sidney, and two dogs Mudd and Sierra. She currently sits on the Ethics Board of the Investments & Wealth Institute and serves as VP of Finance at the Westport Women’s Club. Julina is an avid skier and triathlete whom qualified for the USTA Age Group National Championships in 2022 and 2023.

Money Confident Girls

Money Confident Girls: A Parents Roadmap to Raising Financially Confident Children (From Toddlers to Teens)

Teaching young girls the basics of money management is a powerful gift that equips them with the skills and knowledge needed for a lifetime of financial well-being. In “Money Confident Girls,” Julina Ogilvie shows how early money lessons and everyday conversations help girls understand the four building blocks of finance: earning, spending, saving, and investing. Money habits and beliefs form in childhood and influence our financial decisions as adults. Ogilvie offers age-appropriate strategies to instill a positive money mindset so girls view money not as a taboo topic or source of anxiety, but as a tool for personal growth and financial security.

Ogilvie blends personal anecdotes with expert insights and thoughtful suggestions from other parents. She meticulously crafts a roadmap to financial literacy, covering strategies around allowances, first jobs, budgeting, the use of debit cards, custodial accounts, and options for college savings and retirement vehicles. Women have historically faced gender-specific challenges such as wage gaps, career interruptions, and longer life expectancies, making it critical for them to learn early on how to manage their finances effectively.

Many Americans today struggle with massive debt and the consequences of poor financial decisions. Preparing the next generation with financial skills is not just about teaching them to earn, save and invest wisely; it’s about fostering a mindset that empowers them to embrace financial independence and navigate the complexities of money with savvy and confidence. This important book is a must-read for anyone raising young girls.

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Interviews & Articles

New Book: Money Confident Girls by Julina Ogilvie

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