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Paula Throckmorton lives in New York City. This is her first book. She holds a daily meditation on Zoom and has taught many people to meditate, one at a time and in groups. Before becoming a student of higher energy she worked in business and sometimes wrote articles for newspapers and magazines.  She is a graduate of Harvard Business School, the MFA program at Sarah Lawrence and Barnard College. She is the mother of three almost grown children.

Too Busy for Enlightenment

Too Busy for Enlightenment: A Skeptic’s Guide to Higher Energy

Energy is inside and around everything, an unseen force so powerful it can bring about profound enlightenment, joy, healing, insight, and a deep sense of peace. Throughout history, people have used various activities and practices such as meditation, yoga, chanting, and prayer to tap into the realm of higher energy and reshape how they feel, live, and connect with others. In Too Busy for Enlightenment, Paula Throckmorton takes the reader on a thrilling exploration of this extraordinary world we can’t see or touch.

The author shares her awe-inspiring journey of self-discovery, beginning from her childhood adventures as the daughter of an archeologist through the thicket of adulthood, in which her ambition and external pursuits often seem at odds with spiritual fulfillment.

Through a rich tapestry of anecdotes, personal experiences, and transformative practices, she unveils the hidden truths of this wellspring of higher energy that dwells both inside and around us. She explains what holds us back from feeling it and the simple practices that help us unlock our potential and tap into a higher consciousness.

Higher energy is not exclusive to a select few. Rather, it is an inherent part of every individual’s existence. This remarkable book will inspire and empower all who seek a deeper understanding of themselves, the world, and other people

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Interviews & Articles

Interviews & Articles

New Book: Too Busy For Enlightenment by Paula Throckmorton

What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Paula Throckmorton’s courageous journey from fear and constriction into the bliss of higher energy is beautifully told in her new book Too Busy for Enlightenment. Paula vividly describes the timeless spiritual practices and wisdom that enabled her to access higher energy, and she provides a path that can benefit us all. I highly recommend this book.

—Brian L. Weiss, MD – Author of Many Lives, Many Masters

In this wonderfully bravehearted, clear-eyed account, Paula Throckmorton manages to tell a spiritual adventure story that is intensely personal and also universal. I couldn’t put it down.

—Gretchen Rubin – Bestselling author of Life in Five Senses and The Happiness Project

It’s so easy to get caught up in rushing through your to-do list and sleepwalking through your life. You can miss the mundane glory of merely being alive. Paula is out to change that, for herself and for you. The pregame is over. As the Zen Buddhists say, don’t squander your life. There are many ways to wake up, and this book is filled with personal stories and practical strategies, all designed to help you do just that.

—Dan Harris – Author of 10% Happier

Paula has a unique and profound gift for guiding meditation. Her group sessions, which I have been blessed to be part of for years, are a gateway to healing the human heart, deeply calming the body, and making meditation a spiritual adventure. She brings to her practice one of the rarest combinations of insight, exploration, and creating community.

—Carla Goldstein – President and CEO of the Omega Institute 

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