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Ryan Joseph Allen is an Author, Transformational Coach, and Speaker sharing his life experiences, vast nonprofit expertise, and ultimately leading leaders.

Ryan authentically shares his story to inspire others to share their stories. When we show up hyper-authentically we are able to help change those around us simply by being oneself.

Ryan has navigated the nonprofit sector by cofounding, founding, and acting as the Executive Director for various nonprofit organizations. His goal is to LEAD the LEADERS and show others how to impact the community and world through kindness, acceptance, and love!

Currently Ryan is working on wrapping up his memoir titled, “My Drug Dealer Brought Me To God.” Ryan is also about to start his dissertation process for his doctorate work bridging the gap between leadership and spirituality.

“Never doubt for one moment you are anything less. You are worthy. You are capable. You are the only one holding yourself from the miracles that are ever so bountiful in this world. Shine. Sparkle. Illuminate the planet with your brilliance!” ~Ryan Joseph Allen

My Drug Dealer Brought Me To God

My Drug Dealer Brought Me To God

Ryan Joseph Allen’s life was on a downward trajectory. As a child, he felt different from other kids and struggled to fit in. Even at a tender age he contemplated suicide. In his teenage years and as a young adult, he hid his true self and numbed his emotional turmoil with alcohol, drugs, and self-destructive behaviors. When he summoned the courage to share his secret and come out to a close friend, her response added another layer of self-hatred. How could he love and accept himself as a gay man when he was taught that God and the Church considered it wrong?

In “My Drug Dealer Brought Me to God,” Allen recounts his quest to find meaning, self-acceptance, and his life’s purpose. He battles addiction, the heartache of disappointing, toxic relationships, and alienation from his family. One day his co-worker, roommate, friend, and drug dealer, Marie, shares her belief that God made everyone for a purpose and wants us to be ourselves. The conversation ignites Allen’s new understanding of how faith can be inclusive, while stepping into his own definition of God.

Becoming a parent and the desire to be a positive role model for his daughter is a turning point. With God as the focal point of his spiritual journey, Allen comes to understand that change has to start from within. He breaks the cycle of family trauma and recognizes his true mission: to teach, support, motivate, and lead other people to love. He learns to balance his faith while affirming and being a warrior for the LGBTQ+ community. Allen’s honesty and courage in telling his story is an inspiring message to us all that everyone has a story to share, and within sharing our collective stories we can all grow and heal.

I was my worst villain.

I was my worst victim.

I learned how to be my best hero!

As you dive into your own journey follow along with the 40-page guided workbook included.

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Interviews & Articles

Interviews & Articles

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S02:E08 The PHILLIP Show feat. Ryan Joseph Allen - My Drug Dealer Brought Me to God

Amazon best selling author, Ryan Joseph Allen, visits the show and discusses his new book, “My Drug Dealer Brought Me to God.” With a focus on post-traumatic growth after lived or perceived religious trauma within the LGBTQ+ community, he opens up about his journey to identity, sobriety, and to God in a most unconventional way. Hear his perspective regarding National Coming Out Day, and the support that is needed for people to feel safe, heard, and loved.

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The Cosmic Prayer with Laura Topper and Ryan, author of “My Drug Dealer Brought Me to God,” as they share their profound process of Affirmative Prayer.

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Ryan Allen's book encapsulates the universal struggle we face of finding our identity, purpose, and love. His heartfelt narratives share the message of faith and guidance. Readers learn from each page overcoming fear, accepting themselves, and finding love. Ryan Allen's story continues to save me from my internal struggle, and his story continues to teach me love is for everyone. We all need it, but first we must know, we are not alone. Ryan's story will save you too as it continues to save me.

—Amazon Reviewer

This talented author pours his heart and soul into this vulnerable and tell-all memoir. It is a must read for anyone who needs an inspirational boost or anyone struggling with breaking through a tough moment in their life. This book proves there is so much to look forward to in life, even when it feels like we are at rock bottom.

—Amazon Reviewer

Ryan Allen's book 'My Drug Dealer Brought Me to God' gives a deep and harrowing understanding of religious and societal stresses on the young and older LGBTQ+ community and shares a tragic and beautiful struggle with conquering your own mental demons (and the demons put there by others) to learn to live and love yourself. Can I Get an Amen?

—Amazon Reviewer

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