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After obtaining his BS in Biochemistry and an MBA, Steve has become a leading expert in life-science supply chain management and operational excellence. Steve has over 25 years’ experience with notable life science companies, such as Danaher Corporation and Bio-Rad Laboratories, as well as smaller start-up organizations. Steve is the founder of BioSupply Consulting LLC, helping life science clients transform their supply chain capability and performance. He has been the guest speaker at several APICS events and supply chain related podcasts. He also publishes a weekly newsletter to his 16K LinkedIn followers.

Lean Forecasting Demystified

Lean Forecasting Demystified: Minimize Supply Chain Waste, Maximize Value

Struggling with a cumbersome forecasting process yielding unsatisfactory results? Lean Forecasting Demystified! by Steve Clarke offers a transformative solution by applying lean principles to forecasting. Clarke delves into how the lean approach, renowned for its radical reduction of costs, lead times, and inventory within the manufacturing environment, can revolutionize forecasting.

This guide champions lean business forecasting, favoring practical tools over complex technology to enhance accuracy swiftly and affordably. Clarke’s accessible style, infused with humor and real-world examples, guides readers through optimizing forecasts, managing safety stocks, and reacting effectively to demand shifts.

With plentiful illustrations and actionable insights, Lean Forecasting Demystified! empowers organizations to adopt lean principles, cutting waste, enhancing customer service, and boosting supply chain performance.

Mine The Gaps

Mine The Gaps: Discover critical gaps in your life science supply chain to accelerate the journey to excellence

Poor supply chain processes can result in product recalls, shipping errors, delays, and damages, high transportation costs, and unhappy customers. Yet these are common problems that can all be prevented with effective process design and execution. In Mine the Gaps, Steve Clarke shows you how to uncover and address the critical gaps in your Life Science supply chain and build long-term capability. Based on years of frontline experience, Clarke’s strategic approach reveals how and when to use the most powerful tools from multiple disciplines that will have the greatest positive impact on your organization.

Too often businesses waste time on scorecards, dashboards, and analytics that provide them with little or no insight. Clarke reveals how to leverage readily available data that will result in quick wins and select relevant metrics that are actionable and drive better business decisions. He reviews the 7 process redesign principles that will transform how work gets done, highlights the pitfalls to avoid, and guides you on how to develop a realistic road map tailored to your specific needs. He includes a full case study that illustrates his strategy step-by-step to transform the on-time delivery performance of two life science clients.

Process improvement and operational innovation lead to better results. Mine the Gaps offers a powerful framework to achieve supply chain excellence and organizational success.

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Interviews & Articles

Interviews & Articles

New Book: Mine the Gaps by Steve Clarke

What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

I was impressed with Steve's leadership, his attention to detail, and his ability to dissect complex problems. Steve did a great job on a very complex project.

—Kevin Lundquist, CFO

Steve was instrumental in making the supply chain planning application relevant. He led many projects that optimized Manufacturing, Purchasing, Inventory etc.

—Shyam Panda, Founder of Dilytics

I hired Steve for several strategic life science supply chain projects, and he has consistently leveraged the methodology covered in this book with remarkable results. Even though this approach is very structured, it is surprisingly effective in addressing a large variety of supply chain challenges. We have utilized the Mine the Gaps framework to achieve many bottom-line and top-line improvements. It is generally believed that to achieve such transformational results, large investments are required in sexy technology, such as AI, control towers, etc., and that it would take a long time to achieve. I can attest to the fact that all this was achieved with precisely $0 capital investment, and many of the improvements were completed within three months. Did I mention that this was also during a pandemic?

As you will find from this book, the approach is surprisingly simple if you follow the framework and don’t over complicate your efforts. Obviously, the Mine the Gaps framework alone will not be enough. You will still require strong leadership and enthusiastic employees. But now they have a playbook to help guide them on their journey, from selecting a strategic objective to successfully realizing benefits from projects that were intentionally selected to create timely and meaningful impact. The patients that rely upon the effective management of your supply chain to deliver life-saving equipment and drugs will be grateful that you have taken the time to understand the Mine the Gaps system.

—Supply Chain Executive, Life Science Organization

Steve transformed a very manual supply chain into an efficient and system oriented process.

—Nicolas Huret, Managing Partner at Chevalier Consulting

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