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An executive career coach specializing in senior leadership advancement and mid-career pivots, Trish McGrath has been helping people build more satisfying professional lives since 2009. Equal parts career strategist, content creator and accountability partner, Trish helps c-suite candidates gain the competitive edge they need to succeed. She understands today’s highly competitive hiring landscape and has grown Edge Career Solutions into a thriving private coaching practice serving a loyal US and Canadian client base across more than 30 industries.

Committed to helping others build happier and more fulfilling lives, Trish volunteers her career coaching services to a variety of non-profit organizations and delivers job search preparedness workshops at local libraries, chambers of commerce, job search groups and universities. She holds a degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and is an active member of Career Thought Leaders, The Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches and Career Directors International. The proud mother of two adult children, Trish resides on Sanibel Island, Florida with her husband and golden retriever.

New Rules for the 6-Figure Job Search

New Rules for the 6-Figure Job Search: How to Position Yourself for Success


Climbing the leadership ranks or looking for more career satisfaction and want to know how to make that happen? Executive career coach Trish McGrath has reverse engineered today’s complex employment marketplace to create an easy-to-follow job search blueprint to move you from where you are to where you want to be.


Whether you’re pursuing the C-suite or pivoting into a second career, modern hiring practices require new and better ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. McGrath teaches you how to establish your professional brand and network your way to a great new job.

As a leader, you drive success by filling your team with experts. Why should your approach to managing your career be any different?

Called a word wizard and job search powerhouse, McGrath walks you through the steps of identifying your best fit roles, articulating your value and creating a strategic action plan to achieve your career goals.

New Rules for the 6-Figure Job Search shows you how to:
clarify your goals and focus your efforts
write interview-worthy resumes and LinkedIn profiles
connect with decisionmakers at your target companies
overcome ageism and sell yourself as the ideal candidate
navigate the online job search and application process

It’s not just a matter of finding a job. It’s about finding the right job – one you enjoy, that aligns with your professional goals and pays you what you’re worth. This book will show you how to land your next job quicker.

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

I am looking for a job for the first time in 20+ years and had no idea where to start. This book was full of practical advice that I used right away. It was easy to read and I liked the way the author explained the concepts. I now have a clear goal and a really strong resume. I am working on my LinkedIn profile following the guidelines in the book, which are easy to follow. I like the step-by-step process. It makes looking for a job less overwhelming. I highly recommend this book and the resources the author has on her website too.

—Amazon Reviewer

I learned a lot from this book! Like many people, I’m thinking of switching jobs but it has been a while since I’ve been in the job market. This book helped me to focus on why I want to change and what I want to do and then gave me a roadmap to do it. It covered a lot of things that were new to me, such as keywords in my resume to get past the automated hiring processes and what employers expect in interviews these days. One of the most helpful chapters is about using LinkedIn, which I’ve never been very good with. The detailed information and pro tips gave me a lot of ideas for branding myself and communicating my value online. This book is giving me confidence to take action. I highly recommend it!

—Amazon Reviewer

When I was preparing for an interview and wanted to plan ahead of time, I was able to go back to the book and use it as a guide for effective openers, selling points and questions. This book is a valuable resource to shape how you approach a job search, and it helped me approach interviews with the confidence that I was applying for the right jobs and prepared to articulate what I could deliver. It was a valuable resource for me and I expect it will be again.

—Amazon Reviewer

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