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Press Release: PYP Becomes a Certified B Corp

Publish Your Purpose Earns B Corporation Certification Hartford, CT based book publisher commits to rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. HARTFORD, September 15, 2020—Publish Your Purpose (PYP), has proudly announced its recently earned B Corporation (B Corp) certification. PYP joins the ranks of other socially and …

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Why Your Business Needs to be B Corp Certified

There is a growing need for businesses to be more diverse and accountable for the treatment of their customers. Customers and potential employees want to know that the business they are supporting is one that supports their communities, is making a positive impact on the environment, and what policies that …

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Why PYP is Women Owned and Why it Matters

The number of women-owned businesses has been steadily rising throughout the years. However, a majority of businesses are still mostly owned and/or operated by men. When it comes to publishing houses, a majority are operated by women but are still owned by men. A lack of diversity in the workplace …

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Why PYP is LGBTQ+ Owned and Why It Matters?

Almost all small businesses are owned and operated by straight people. There are only a tiny fraction of small businesses that are owned and operated by LGBTQ+ people comparatively. Note: When we say LGBTQ+ we are referring to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities. When it comes to …

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