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How To Publish Your Book in 6 Months

A woman looks at a bookshelf. Learn how to publish your book in 6 months with Publish Your Purpose.

If you’re a purpose-driven writer, getting your book out into the world might feel like a matter of urgency. You’ve likely spent many years fine-tuning your vision, distilling your thoughts, and ripping up sheet after sheet of paper (or deleting note after note on your phone!). Once your book is ready to be published, it’s understandable you want your book to be on the shelves and in people’s hands as soon as possible. This is why we—as a hybrid publisher for purpose-driven, nonfiction authors—aim to get your book to the world as soon as possible. You’ve come to the right place. So keep reading to discover how to publish your book in just six months. 

Are you reading this and thinking “Eek, I still haven’t finished my book?” We’ve got you. Our 30-Day Book Writing Challenge is your opportunity to join other aspiring authors who also dream of memorializing their ideas in print. 

First Thing’s First: The Marketing

We know, we know, it’s the dreaded part of the process for many writers. As a thought leader writing a nonfiction book, the idea of marketing yourself can feel like a really vulnerable process. After all, you aren’t hiding behind characters, plot twists, or prose. It’s your voice, calling out to the world. 

But we’re here to tell you that if you start the marketing process early (even as early as the book-writing stage!) then your book will be in people’s hands so much sooner. 

Here’s why you should start the marketing process sooner rather than later. 

1. You’ll Get Free Feedback From Your Audience

“No two persons ever read the same book.” – Edmund Wilson

Your audience is your greatest asset. If you ask your followers a specific question—by utilizing a social media poll, for example—then you’re crowdsourcing unique opinions and conducting your own market research. Someone might have a suggestion that inspires a paragraph, another may have an opinion that changes the course of a chapter, while someone else might point out a controversy that makes you reconsider things altogether. It pays to listen, listen, and listen some more. 

2. You Can Build a Fanbase

For your book to succeed, you’ll want as many people as possible to read it. In the case of a book written by a thought leader (like you!), a nonfiction, purpose-driven book should reach the right hands. Strive for people of influence to read your book, so they can share it with their networks and help create a buzz. 

Building a solid fan base through creating a strong social media following or Patreon is also a great way to crowdfund if you want to raise capital to help cover the cost of publishing. 

How much does publishing a book really cost? We’re all about transparency. 

3. You’ll Spread Out The Workload

You probably know it by now, but… writing a book takes a lot of work. People who aren’t authors often don’t realize the admin and logistics involved. They see the finished product and assume you just had romantic dates with yourself, typing away in a cafe, or whimsically writing in a notebook by the seaside. Even if they aren’t that idealistic, they likely don’t see the invisible workload that goes into writing a book. 


Getting started with marketing your book early is like a future favor to yourself. When it comes to publishing crunchtime, you won’t be scrambling for marketing ideas and loyal readers. 

What’s Involved in Book Marketing?

At Publish Your Purpose (PYP), we don’t do your marketing for you. But we do provide you with a comprehensive business strategy that contains best practices and ideas, all helping you market your book on your own. 

Here is a small selection of the marketing components that we’ll speak about (we have endless ideas and options!):

  • Posting on social media and forming a clear strategy
  • Embarking on public relations (PR) and building a media outlet network
  • Creating a regular email newsletter

How To Publish Your Book: PYP’s 6-Month Process

As a hybrid book publisher, we sit in the sweet spot of the publishing world. You don’t pay exorbitant royalties like you would with a traditional publisher, but you’re also not left scrambling as a self-publisher, desperately wondering how to publish your book.

A hybrid publisher is an independent publishing service that combines professional expertise with high profitability for you, the author. We give you a leading role in the creative process, as we know you’re the expert in your subject matter. 

Here’s how the process at Publish Your Purpose works: 

Months 1-3: The Editing

As a hybrid publisher, our editing process has a collaborative and malleable structure. We take care of the boring bits—like getting you an ISBN and a barcode—then work with you on the structure, content, and aesthetic of your publication. 

  1. We’ll match you to a well-aligned editor
  2. If applicable, developmental editing begins
  3. Copy editing/proofreading takes place
  4. You’ll collect your foreword and testimonials
  5. We’ll land on the perfect title/subtitle
  6. The fun part—cover design—begins (this will also help you begin your marketing efforts!)

The great news is, if steps five and six are done at an early stage (which we can absolutely do!), then you’ll have assets to begin your marketing efforts right away. You can share your book cover design on social media, start saying the title to friends and colleagues, and generally just create some hype around your new venture. 

*A caveat on the timeline: We can generally help you publish in six months, but that really depends on you. And, if it takes longer, it is usually because we’re held up in the editing process.   

Months 3-6: The Logistics

This is the part where you’re largely hands-off; you’ll have more time for marketing and creating a buzz. 

  1. We’ll finalize your book’s typesetting (formatting interior graphics and the layout) 
  2. You’ll update your website and social media accounts to share previews and summaries of your book
  3. Finally, receive your first physical copy of your book in the mail. What. A. Feeling. 

Ready to get your very own book out into the world? Apply to publish with us! We can’t wait to meet you. 

If you want more guidance, Publish Your Purpose: A Step-By-Step Guide To Write, Publish, and Grow Your Big Idea is a guide to get through writing, editing, and publishing your dream book.

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