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How Writing a Book Can Elevate Your Brand and Your Business

How Writing a Book Can Elevate Your Brand and Your Business

Whichever method you use to publish your book, be it traditional, hybrid, or self-publishing, having it done right can make your name and your business stand out from the rest. As long as the book is edited and marketed properly, you will see positive returns through high book sales, having more leads, higher pay for speaking engagements, and getting better deals for you and your business. 

It’s important to note that this doesn’t come from simply writing a book, especially if that book is sloppily written or published. Your book is a representation of you and your brand, and the more you invest in your book, the better the results will be. This doesn’t mean just money-wise. You can spend $5,000 for a book designer to create the graphics, cover, and create the layout of your book, but just because you’re paying top dollar doesn’t always mean you’re getting top quality. 

Investing in your book also means investing your time and energy into writing your book and getting your book idea out of your head and onto paper. Writing a book and organizing your thoughts takes time. You want to make sure that your message and your story are being conveyed clearly and that the lessons and stories that you are trying to tell are told with a purpose. Investing in the right writing team or publishing house, and in your own writing, will ensure that you are publishing top-quality work and your audience will be able to see that.

Giving You Credibility in Your Field

By virtue of having a book published under your name, you become recognized as an expert in your field. By putting your thoughts, experiences, and advice into a book for other people to learn and grow from, you will be seen as a thought leader who is creating new and innovative ideas about how to tackle certain problems. This also applies to your business. The practices and advice that you put in your book are things that other businesses might look to for improvement in their own processes. Much like a degree from an accredited university, having a published book under your belt makes you and your business stand out from the rest. It demonstrates experience in your field and shows that you have the expert knowledge to change a business or practice for the better. 

Opening New Doors and Opportunities

Having more credibility in your field also gives you new chances and opportunities in your field. This can be new speaking engagements or getting your foot in the door with new clients. Having your name and your book out there and elevated gives you more publicity and allows you to market yourself and your brand more effectively and on a larger scale. In order to reach those new opportunities, you need to market yourself, your book, and your business effectively. New clients and business won’t just walk in through the door, not unless you are actively promoting yourself and your book. Online, social media, networking in person, every bit counts and every bit will help get you to where you want to be.

Laying Out the Groundwork For Growing Your Business

With the credibility and new opportunities gained by having a published book and aligned with your business brand, you are able to grow your business and if you have been speaking or consulting, it could help get you higher speaking fees. The type of work that you do may change and expand depending on what potential clients are requesting from you. You may have started out as just a speaker, helping to educate businesses or communities and sharing your story. But potential clients may be asking you to speak at more engagements or asking you to consult for them. Depending on how well your book performs and, as mentioned, how your book is marketed, it will determine how many opportunities you and your business get and how much your business grows from your book.

If you’ve been thinking about writing a book but aren’t sure which publishing path you want to choose, click here to learn about your options. If you are a purpose-driven author with a story to tell and lives that you want to change, contact us today!

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