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Setting Goals for Success: A Blueprint for Aspiring Non-Fiction Writers

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As we usher in a new year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on our personal, professional, and business goals. Just as understanding your purpose, vision, and intended impact are crucial, having clear goals for your book is imperative.

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In Chapter 2 of Publish Your Purpose: A Step-By-Step Guide To Write, Publish, and Grow Your Big Idea, we delve into the significance of goal-setting in the world of non-fiction publishing.

Connecting Goals to Your Book’s Purpose

Setting goals for your book is not merely about aspiring to be a bestseller or selling a million copies. It’s about aligning your unique vision with tangible and measurable objectives. Your goal should reflect what success means specifically to you. Whether it’s impacting a single person profoundly, securing higher-paid speaking engagements, or bringing in new consulting/coaching business, clarity in your goals is the compass guiding your book’s journey.

Dollars and Cents: Financial Goals Matter

For those with a business mindset or planning to leverage their book for thought leadership, incorporating dollars and cents into your goals is the next crucial step. Chapter 2 explores various financial goals, from achieving a successful launch week to recouping your publishing investment. We delve into the balance between ego-driven goals and those focused on serving, emphasizing that financial success can coexist with altruistic motives.

Investing in Yourself: The Key to Standout Publishing

Whether you opt for traditional, self-publishing, or hybrid publishing, doing it right sets you apart. Your book is a representation of you and your brand. Investing in quality editing, design, and marketing pays off not only in monetary returns but also in positive impacts on your business, increased speaking fees, and enhanced brand reputation.

Beyond Dollars: Investing in Your Impact

Success in non-fiction publishing goes beyond financial gains. It involves investing time and energy in crafting a message that resonates. Your writing should convey purpose, and the right team or publishing house can elevate the quality of your work. Investing in your impact means ensuring that your book reflects your passion and commitment, resonating with readers on a deeper level.

Conclusion: Your Goals, Your Success

As we navigate the exciting journey of publishing, remember that your goals are the driving force. Define success in a way that is meaningful to you. Whether it’s measured in book sales, speaking opportunities, or the positive impact on your readers, clear goals provide direction and purpose to your writing.

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