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Getting Your Draft Written: New & Existing Content

  In this video we will cover— Writing as an ice sculpture Collecting existing content Creating new content (Please ignore our old PYP logo and branding on this video.) Watch the Video Below:   Resources: Content Inventory | Marketing Strategy   Content Inventory for Writing   Progress Tracker for Your …

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Scrivener Tutorial: Rough Draft Manuscript Walkthrough

Scrivener can be a cumbersome tool, but with a little bit of knowledge, it can be your best friend when it comes to getting your manuscript draft written. This is a video of Publish Your Purpose Founder, Jenn T. Grace, walking you through the working draft of her 7th book. You’ll see …

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Scrivener Starter File

At PYP we are big fans of using Scrivener as a writing tool, however, we know it isn’t always easy to figure out. We’ve created a starter file for you to open up on your computer that will provide you with a significant head start in your writing process. This …

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Author Lab Day 6—Managing the Unexpected

This video is from Day 6 of the Author Lab. In this video with your new knowledge of how to build a joy-filled writing process and an idea of your plan, we are going to talk about how to prepare and manage the unexpected. To make this most of this …

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Storytelling – Telling Your Story and Others

  In this video we will cover— Ways to tell your story Putting your story in the front matter (foreword/intro/etc.) How to include other people’s stories (Please ignore our old PYP logo and branding on this video.) Watch the Video Below:  

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Publishing Resources

  As you go through this program you will likely have many questions. If you are looking for additional information below are some of the known resources you’ll want to review.   The Book Cost Blueprint This Book Cost Blueprint is a guide to the different types of publishing models …

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Back Matter

  The back matter of your book is equally critical from a strategic standpoint as is front matter. The following video is filled with details, options, and best practices for what you may want to consider including in the back of your book.   Back Matter Examples:   Back Matter Examples

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