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How to Repurpose Existing Content, Example

This video illustrates how you can consider repurposing your existing content (from a blog post, podcast, online course, etc.). This is based on an example from Publish Your Purpose: A Step-By-Step Guide To Write, Publish, and Grow Your Big Idea.

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Pre-orders for Your Book

  This video focuses on letting people know your book is on pre-sale. You can do this even while you are still working on your book as long as you have your cover and title. It’s crucial to let people know that you are working on your book and even …

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Collecting Testimonials

  This video focuses on the who, what, where, when, why and how of collecting testimonials for your book.     Testimonial Overview:   Collecting Testimonials   Testimonial Request Email  

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Interview: Getting to EPIC Clarity w/ Erin Weed

  This video with Erin Weed, of Evoso, is about diving into your speaker business and putting your message into a format where it’s easily conveyed, so you can deliver it with confidence and ease in a way that will connect with people. Erin discusses her “dig” process, in which …

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Interview: Being Fearless as an Author & Speaker w/ Eduardo Placer

  This video features Eduardo Placer, story dula, and owner of his business: Fearless Communicators. As a story dula, Eduardo works with those poised to make the biggest difference and empower them to speak their truth with authenticity and power. As a global community builder, Eduardo brings diverse groups of …

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Interview: Audio Books w/ Tina Dietz

  This video interview is with PYP’s strategic audiobook partner and audiobook expert, Tina Dietz. With her industry expertise and experience, Tina answers all your pressing questions about audiobooks, from when is the best time to start creating an audiobook, what platforms it can be available on, choosing a narrator, …

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Influencer Outreach

In this video, we are going to be talking how to get promote your book and utilizing influencers in your network. Below there is also a strategy guide that we’ve included that will help guide you through the process.     Resources: Influencer Outreach Strategy

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Interview: Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn w/ Yai Vargas

  Yai Vargas, aka the LinkedIn Ninja is a career & diversity consultant. She helps professionals gain clarity on their personal brand and encourages thought leadership with authenticity. Having been on LinkedIn since 2006, she was an early adopter and can help optimize your profile, find your next role and …

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Interview: Having the right PR Strategy w/ Russell Trahan

  This video features guest speaker Russell Trahan, owner of PR/PR and author of his book Sell Yourself Without Saying a Word. Russell talks about crafting the perfect public relations strategy to market yourself and your book to your audience. You will learn the right questions to ask potential PR …

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