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Book Interior Examples

  Below are interior examples from Jenn’s book, House On Fire. You can find the ebook here As well as another of Jenn’s book’s, Beyond the Rainbow here Example of Title Page   Example of Copyright Page Example of Dedication Page Example of Table of Contents  Example of Letter From the Author …

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Design for Identity with Jessica Bantom

This is a video walkthrough of what your interior design can look like for your book if you are aiming to have a full-color interior that is more graphically heavy. This video provides best practices on how to communicate with your designer so that your ultimate end goals can be …

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Typesetting (Interior Formatting)

  This video focuses on the importance of taking a strategic approach to what the inside of your book should look like. This is something that you will outsource, but to outsource effectively your typesetting partner needs a vision from you. This video helps you narrow in on your vision.   …

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