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What is a Hybrid Publisher? How Do I Know Which One is Right for Me?

What is a Hybrid Publisher

As a first-time author one of your hardest choices is deciding which publisher you should go with. Looking at reviews and searching the web for information on popular publishing options, the term hybrid publisher likely describes some of those publishing companies—which is what Publish Your Purpose is. 

There are several different varieties of hybrid publishing companies but a general consensus is that a hybrid publisher combines the services of both traditional and self-publishing. Working with a hybrid publisher means that you will be walked through the publishing process in the same manner (if not better) than you would with a more traditional publishing house. The alternative to this is to go the route of self-publishing your book, which we are firm believers in—if you adhere to industry best practices.

Let’s cover the pros and cons of using a hybrid publisher

Pros of working with a hybrid publishing company

  • Publisher provides their expertise and assistance. The publishing company should have a team of people that will guide you along the process and provide resources for you.
  • Author has their book published without having to figure out the service landscape. The publisher should be an expert in the field. They know who to go to for printing, promoting, and where your book would sell the best.Pros of Hybrid Publishing
  • Publisher has trusted professionals to edit and design the book. You won’t need to worry about quality as your publisher will have this squared away for you.
  • Receive better royalties than traditional publishing. With traditional publishing you may get about 10%-15% per book sold. With a hybrid publisher, the average royalties are about 50% per book sold.
  • Author typically has the rights to their book. You aren’t selling your book’s idea to a company, that will maintain sole control over what you do with it. With hybrid publishing, in most instances, you maintain complete control over every aspect of your book. 

Cons of publishing with a hybrid publishing company

  • Not all hybrid publishers are the same, each offers different services and prices. There are a wide variety of hybrid publishers, some being explicitly editing based leaving the author to manage the marketing, while others handle the entire process and continue to help the author beyond the publication of their book.
  • Author helps fund publication, typically in the thousands of dollars. The author funds the publication of their book and pays for the expertise and professional connections that the publisher has to publish, cultivate and sell their book. The service fees range from $2,000 to $50,000, so you must know what you are reviewing to ensure it’s the Cons of Hybrid Publishingright fit for you.
  • Author may be asked to subsidize or pay full cost for their print runs. Authors typically buy their books at a discount and then sell them for a higher price. An example is that an author orders 50 books at half the cost and sells them to a company/client/reader for full retail price.
  • Publisher vets’ submissions, publishing books that meet the vision and mission of the company. An example being if a nonfiction writer submitted their manuscript to a fiction based publishing company. You must pay as close attention to which hybrid publisher is the right fit for you, as if you were seeking a traditional publishing house. Just because they may be a pay for services provider, does not mean they will automatically accept your manuscript.

How do I know which hybrid publisher is right for me? 

These are a couple of things to consider when deciding what type of hybrid publisher is best for you and what to watch out for.

  • What do I need to get published? Take the time to think about what you’d most need from a publisher. If you are only selling your book online and have the marketing side locked down then go with a publisher that mainly focuses on editing. If you have an editor in mind and only need help with promoting your book in stores and online then look for a publisher that specializes in marketing. Having a clear understanding about what you need to get your book out of your head and into people’s hands is crucial to picking the right publisher.
  • Weighing the cost v. benefit. Money is a big thing to consider in this process. Determine what type of budget you have for your book, the cost of publishing with the specific publishing company you are interested in, and what sort of gains you can expect to receive from writing and selling your book. You must be able to illustrate a clear path back to revenue. For every dollar you invest in your book, have a plan for how you will make two.
  • How do I know who is a good hybrid publisher?
    • A good hybrid publisher will have a vetting process. They won’t take any book idea and publish it; they consider the potential for a book idea and if it fits in with their mission and values. If a publisher doesn’t have a vetting process then be careful with trusting your book idea with them. A publisher who will take any manuscript should be watched with a careful eye.
    • Take notice of how many books a company has published and what the experience of those authors have been with the company. Typically the publisher has testimonials and acknowledgments from their published authors on their website. Like an item on Amazon that has no reviews, if you don’t see any people that have reviewed the product you’re buying, you might want to consider choosing another option. A pro tip is to Google the name of the company you are researching and “spam” after it. This will provide a quick glance of how reputable the company is.
    • A good hybrid publisher will also work with you in both pre and post publication, guiding you throughout each step of the process before the book is released and support you beyond your publication date. Why Publish Your Purpose Press? Those who tell the stories rule society—Plato

What separates Publish Your Purpose apart from other hybrid publishers?

Publish Your Purpose (PYP) is a hybrid publishing company that works with purpose-driven authors that have a story to tell. PYP elevates our self above the rest by focusing on marketing and business strategy for how an author is using their book in their business—elevating their business and their voice as a thought leader in their community and their industry. 

PYP is not only focused on the mechanics and logistics of publishing the book itself, but also strongly focused on how an author’s book will benefit their business and impact the world positively.

PYP has a full-service, author-based team, that works with authors through every step of the process, with the author being at the front of the wheel allowing them to make the final decisions on their book.

We also focus on the emotional toll that authors can endure. When telling your story it can be emotionally draining and challenging to write about topics that are close to your heart. Jenn Grace, founder and CEO of PYP, remarks “Writing brings up everyone’s baggage. Emotional baggage, self-doubt, limiting beliefs – I’ve written six books myself and I’ve been there. At Publish Your Purpose, we focus on supporting our authors through all the ups and downs, all the vulnerabilities and all the breakthroughs.” 

The focus of PYP is on the author and helping them get their ideas and stories into words on paper. At PYP we believe everyone has a story.

If PYP feels like the right publishing fit for you, don’t wait another day wondering who will publish your book—contact us today and we’ll talk you through our process and more! You can contact us by clicking here.

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