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Why Every Thought Leader Needs a Book

Why Every Thought Leader Needs a Book

Every industry is led by individuals who are willing to think differently; to lead organizations through innovation and progressive thinking. If you are one of these people, then you know that it is your duty as a thought leader to impact communities and share your story with others. Speaking at events and sharing your expertise can grant you a foothold in the industry, but it can only do so much. A published book, on the other hand, can establish you as an expert in your industry and provide a larger quantity of speaking engagements at a higher value. 

Open Doors to New Opportunities

Before Publish Your Purpose (PYP) founder and CEO, Jenn T. Grace, published her first book or even founded PYP, she was in the consulting business. She worked in the consulting business for almost 10 years when people began asking her when she would be writing a book. It wasn’t until she wrote her book that she saw a dramatic uptick in speaking engagements and the rate she could charge for them. People were looking to read her writing because they needed her expertise to move forward with their own careers.

For Jenn, the call to write a book was a wake-up call. It wasn’t just something that people wanted her to do. It was something she needed to do. After self-publishing her first book But You Don’t Look Gay, Jenn saw that her network had grown, and the number of people she was able to reach with her work increased.

A few years later and having published three books, Jenn attracted more clients and more speaking opportunities. Having potential clients read her work gave them a sense of who she is and what she stood for. Jenn’s book allowed her to rise above the competition. For her, this led her down a path of teaching others how to self publish and creating a publishing house, PYP. 

Having a published book and being an author can lead to unexpected opportunities for you and your business. Whether these opportunities are more speaking opportunities, adding more people to your email list, or getting your name out there as a thought leader, being a published author will open doors for you. As a published author you can market yourself above the competition and have a book to establish yourself as an expert. 

Furthermore, you can sell your book at speaking events. Either by selling them to the audience directly or by selling them to people running the event. With a book, you have another source of revenue at speaking engagements. More importantly, you have a way to market yourself to the audience and to grow your network in a more concrete way to gather even more speaking engagements. 

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Further Cement Yourself as a Thought Leader

Often, published authors don’t use their book to leverage more opportunity and instead only discuss their book when it’s brought up. Your book should be at the center of your brand as it’s what will help you stand above the rest and get you more recognized as a thought leader in your area of expertise. Milestones and achievements that your book reaches, like Amazon best sellers list, give you more promotional material and solidify your expertise. Not only are people hiring you to speak to large scale audiences but those audience members see you as an expert from whom they need to learn and hear more. 

It’s like putting another big paragraph in your speaker resume. Not only have you spoken to x amount of people within the past x years, but you have also reached people and audiences through your book by selling x copies. Book sales are another way to express that you have a following, you are a leader, and you are an expert in your field. Your thoughts and experiences are being shared and told to others in this way and your name and book travels to reach more businesses and people. 

A book can also elevate your name in the consulting business. The more people that have heard your name and the work that you do, the more potential clients will be interested in hiring you. This isn’t to say that people will flock to you without promoting and marketing yourself but that your business has the opportunity to grow from publishing a book. With promoting and making your book a part of your brand, your name will become more commonplace and people will know you as a trusted thought leader in a specific field. 

If you are a thought leader and have been sitting on the fence wondering if you should publish a book or aren’t sure how to publish a book contact us today! 

If you would like to learn more about self-publishing click here or if you’d like to learn about hybrid publishing click here.

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