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Why Purpose Needs to be at the Forefront of Your Book and Writing

Why Purpose Needs to be at the Forefront of Your Book and Writing

When writing your book there needs to be some intention and purpose behind the words that you are putting down on paper. You need to align your priorities and goals. If you are writing a book with the explicit purpose of trying to make the most amount of money without any regard to impact or purpose, there’s a high probability your book will flop. Writing a book is a grueling process that requires a lot of dedication and time—from the idea in your head to it being fully fleshed out in a book—requires a lot of effort.

Writing a Book is a Process

Writing a book is a long process and usually takes months, if not years, to write the first draft of your manuscript. Depending on how you are publishing your book, you also need to determine the layout, book design, and marketing of your book. All of which takes several more months and can leave you exhausted and unmotivated to finish your book. This is where your purpose comes in.

Writing is an emotional process. Writing about certain topics that pertain to your life or recounting your life experiences can trigger deep emotional responses that may make you want to shy away from writing. Dealing with author blues and also thinking about how much further you have to go before you are finished can leave you thinking, “Why the hell did I even start writing this?” This is where you or someone else can remind you of the purpose of why you are writing this book in the first place. The stronger that purpose is the stronger the motivator you have to push through those low moments and keep going. If you are writing to impact the lives of others, thinking about how people’s lives will be changed can keep you going even in the roughest of times. 

When you have a purpose behind what you are doing, there is also a dedication to finish writing. If writing is not your chosen profession and you’re working 40+ hours a week, it can be hard to set aside an hour a day or a weekend to sit in front of a computer screen and write. Keeping yourself motivated can be hard and making the time for it can be even harder. This is why it takes many people years to finish their first draft of their manuscript. Even if it takes years, the people that are dedicated to finishing their draft have a purpose in writing it in the first place and have a desire to make an impact.

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Purposeful Books/Writing Impact Lives

As mentioned before, if your intention behind writing is to try and generate the most amount of money possible then you’re writing or book will most likely flop. People connect with books and words when the author has put their purpose into their writing. The intentions behind writing something can determine how well written it will be. A book that an author doesn’t necessarily care about will not be as well written as an author who has a meaning behind the words that they are putting down on the page.

Anyone can write a book about any topic, but the people that have a reason for writing a book in the first place are able to convey their message in a way that resonates with their audience. Whether that reason is rooted in your own personal experiences or a need to discuss and share a topic with others, that purpose will be conveyed through your writing and your audience will connect with what you wrote. At Publish Your Purpose (PYP) we passionately believe that the more raw and real we can be—the deeper the connections that we can experience. Raw, passionate stories, and experiences are what people connect the most with.

The authors that we work with are all purpose-driven authors that have a story to tell and a community that they want to impact. They have a need to share what they have gone through and the lessons they have learned with others to make a positive impact on their readers. Our authors continue to work with their communities to bring about positive change and deepen the connections between us, as humans. Each of them have published their purpose and continue to act on that purpose in the work that they do each and every day.

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