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Why Your Business Needs to be B Corp Certified

Why Your Business Needs to be B Corp Certified

There is a growing need for businesses to be more diverse and accountable for the treatment of their customers. Customers and potential employees want to know that the business they are supporting is one that supports their communities, is making a positive impact on the environment, and what policies that they have in place for their employees. What impact your business makes is noticed by everyone and it could be the difference between a potential customer choosing you or someone else. 

What is a B Corp Certification? 

A B Corp Certification indicates that your business has a commitment to inclusivity and wellness for people and the environment. It works through a grading system, examining the policies and practices that your business has and gives you a score. There is a minimum requirement of 80 points based on five categories that your business impacts. The five categories that your business is graded on include: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. Each category has their own subcategories that your business policies and practices are graded on. For instance, a few subcategories in the governance section  review your corporate accountability and transparency. 

Once your business is B Corp Certified, workers, customers, businesses, and just about anyone is able to view your impact scores from the current year and the previous years certifications. You are able to showcase to the world the impact that your business is having, and demonstrate how your business is leading the way for change. You can take the fact that you are a  B Corp certified business and use this as a sticking point to potential clients about why they should choose you over another business. 

How does it impact your business? 

Growing Need For Diversity

Businesses across the world are recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion more and more. There is a growing concern about the lack of diversity in businesses at higher level management positions, and the makeup of the business workforce. More businesses  showing support for local community events like pride events, and events celebrating specific minorities such as International Women’s Day and different history months. Businesses want to showcase their support for diversity and inclusion efforts because there is a growing concern about who people are supporting and if they are doing more than simply claiming they support women or people of color. 

Being B Corp Certified showcases that you walk the walk and talk the talk; that you and your business are doing more than simply donating to a community event to have your logo next to the event name. The support that you showcase is translated into the policies that you have in place for your employees, the impact you’re making on local communities and the environment, and your treatment of customers. This means increasing your supplier diversity, creating green policies that protect the environment, ensuring comprehensive benefits for your employees, working to create a more inclusive office environment, and giving back to the community. 

Being a Leader and Attracting New People

By promoting your business’ strengths and your B Corp score, you are able to set an example for other businesses to follow, presenting progressive policies and practices that you have implemented and showcasing the impact that they have made. You become the model that other businesses look toward for new ideas and different business practices that they should be implementing. 

By being the model and leading the way, you also attract new clients and business opportunities. Being seen as an industry leader in different areas and being recognized as a diverse business that goes above and beyond for the people and community will grant you new opportunities and draw clients towards your business. You are able to use your status as a B Corp Certified business as evidence and demonstrate how you are working to make a difference for everyone. 

Introspection for your company

Being B Corp Certified gives you insight into your business and areas to improve upon. There may be policies that you haven’t even considered to be important to include, but having a detailed report about the areas you can improve upon gives you attainable goals to work toward. In order to be B Corp Certified, you do need to have a total score 80 out of 200 but even if you don’t reach that score when you apply to be certified, you will be able to see the areas that you can improve upon and learn what actions you can take to meet that threshold. 

If you’d like to learn more about being B Corp Certified click here. PYP is a women owned and LGBTQ+ owned business and is committed to diversity efforts and giving back to communities. If you’d like to learn more about PYP and how we can help you publish the book that’s been in your mind, click here.

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