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A Simple Seed

A Simple Seed

Kindness. Honesty. Empathy. Respect. A Simple Seed is a morning journal for kids and their parents that starts the day strong, teaching important character values and the benefits of practicing gratitude and positive self-talk. Simple yet powerful lessons over breakfast show children how to be their best selves and their own best friend. They’ll learn how to overcome obstacles, take responsibility, persevere, and accept themselves for who they are. Each entry is accompanied by a timely quote, daily challenge, and a parental perspective to spark meaningful conversation with kids about the things that matter most.

A Simple Seed reinforces a growth mindset, helping children build the habit to choose love over hate, forgiveness over anger and courage over fear. They’ll understand they’re always in control of their attitude and effort and can trust themselves to meet life’s challenges with confidence and inner strength.

Parenting can be rewarding but incredibly challenging too. A Simple Seed gives busy parents the chance to empower and make deeper connections with their children. A foundation for good mental and emotional health is the greatest gift we can give our kids. Now, more than ever, children need to learn the essential life skills that will help them manage their emotions, develop resiliency, and flourish!

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Katie Wood

About Katie Wood

Katie Wood is the busy mom of four young children, a business owner, and the proud wife of a hard-working fireman. As a former teacher, she understands how important it is for children to have a growth mindset and learn the essential life skills that will empower them and help them live a purposeful life filled with courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion. She wrote A Simple Seed when her search for a kids’ journal encompassing life lessons, positive self-talk, gratitude, a daily challenge, and jokes came up empty. With assistance from her family, friends, and an online community, she created this morning journal of 100 powerful lessons that help children practice healthy habits and develop the strong roots that they’ll have for life. She believes there’s nothing more powerful than investing in the next generation to prepare them for the unknown future ahead.

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

A brilliant growth-mindset journal that will take five minutes to do and will leave a lasting positive impact on the child and the whole family. One of the absolute BEST things I've ever done for my kids.

—Melanie W.

In only a few minutes each day, this journal brings us so much laughter, happiness, and peace! We love how it helps to build our confidence and teach us important life lessons. This journal gives great examples for each entry, which helps make it so easy to understand and apply to our lives. It has really helped us recognize how important it is to take a moment each day to grow our minds, to show gratitude, and to laugh!

—The Connor girls, aged 12

A Simple Seed has been a great conversation-starter: a new topic every morning to improve mindset, a place for grati­tude, and a joke to make it light. These are things that we as adults are just now learning. Can you imagine the impact if we can instill these positive practice? It is so powerful!

—Michele M.

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