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Fearless Female Leaders

Fearless Female Leaders

In today’s world, women continue to be undervalued and overlooked as potential leaders. Many women don’t even think of themselves as future leaders, despite their significant contributions at work and home. What obstacles relegate women to underdog status in the working world, and how can these obstacles be overcome?

In a quest for answers, this powerful book delves deep into the stories of remarkable women who share a common struggle against external and internal barriers to leadership advancement. Women frequently find themselves ensnared in antiquated narratives and constricting beliefs, along with a lack of mentorship and limited flexibility and support.

McAfee and Paetow offer the tools and guidance for women to see themselves through a different lens and uncover their true selves, talents, passions, and leadership potential. They examine eight attributes of fearless leadership, blending the masculine and feminine leadership styles, that are essential for success and wholeness.

Gender equality in leadership is not just a moral imperative; it’s a pragmatic necessity. The business world stands to gain immeasurably from increased female representation in leadership roles. By peeling back the layers of self-doubt and societal constraints, this book offers a roadmap for women to rise above the chains of convention and find the fearless leader within.

Kathy McAfee

About Kathy McAfee

Kathy McAfee is an accomplished author and speaker, creative entrepreneur, and business coach. She thrives on helping professionals advance their careers and influence, and partners with organizations and communities to cultivate leadership diversity. Known as America’s Marketing Motivator, Kathy is the founder of The Fearless Leader program and co-creator of its book series. A graduate of Stanford University in economics, she owns a talent development and empowerment company offering coaching, training, and butt-kicking accountability.

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Rosemary Paetow

About Rosemary Paetow

Rosemary Paetow is a coach with The Fearless Leader program who began her leadership journey as a tennis coach. She then transitioned to science as a researcher seeking a cure for multiple sclerosis, and then into business as a CPA with KPMG and eventually a Vistage Chair working with influential executives. She is now the CEO of Think inStrategy and has translated everything that she’s learned into a practice that focuses on empowering CEOs. Her programs assess everything from the viability of a company’s business model to their capacity for sustainable growth, and puts special focus on their ability to build better leaders. She covers this work in her previous book: Better. Bigger. Bolder.

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