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For the Love of Cake

For the Love of Cake

Do you dream of starting your own business? Beth Bolton’s passion for baking led her to open “A Little Something Bakery” and make her dream come true. But launching a new company is no small endeavor, and requires a solid understanding of the steps needed to succeed. In For the Love of Cake: An Entrepreneur’s Journey, Bolton shares her experiences as a first-time business owner and the joys and pitfalls she faced along the way. Offering old-fashioned baked goods in a quaint location, Bolton’s shop quickly gained popularity and she built a deep connection with the close-knit community. She sprinkles in charming anecdotes about beloved customers and employees who became treasured friends and family.

Using examples gleaned from her own successes and mistakes, Bolton teaches budding business owners the basics: from the first step of knowing why you want to open a business to creating a business plan, mission and vision statements, recruiting staff, and hiring the four key professionals that can make or break your company. Her positive, upbeat approach focuses on helping entrepreneurs better understand all that goes into running a business and how to build a strong foundation. If starting a business is your goal, Bolton’s book will motivate and guide you on your journey.

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Beth Bolton

About Beth Bolton

Beth Bolton is a dynamic and masterful presenter, she is also a wife, mother, mother-in-law, daughter, sister, and Aunt. Beth. Beth is a Small Business Owner, Business Coach, Master Baker, Author, and Speaker. She is very determined and discovered at an early age that life can be challenging, but did not hesitate to go after what she wanted. Beth owned a popular bakery for 11 years and it was her dream come true. She loved her bakery life and she learned many lessons wearing her apron and her favorite Converse sneakers. Beth is passionate about helping women take their dreams and making them become a reality. She can save you time and money by helping you create the map that will get you to where you want to start with your business. Wanda the bus is a symbolic interpretation of this journey of hers. It will get you started on creating your map and getting you on the path to entrepreneurship. Beth wrote her first book “For The Love Of Cake” showing her readers what it is like to own and operate a small business. She shows us through her heart the riches, joys, rewards, and heartbreak that being a woman on a mission with a business can bring.

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Reading this book is just like you’re actually talking with Beth. You can hear her speaking to you throughout the story. As she says in the intro duction, there’s good and bad, happy and sad, but a drive forward the entire time. I’m one of those people who ask, “Why not?” instead of “Why?” I had more unique experiences at A Little Something Bakery than I ever would have thought possible. And how could I not help out? Such great people.

—Dave Simonson

The author takes us on a very personal and honest journey. She does an excellent job at getting tot he “WHY” and “HOW” of starting or rejuvenating a business in a plain, simple, and straight forward approach. She gives just the right amount of homework with the available worksheets. She uses her easy-to-get-to-know demeanor to guide an entrepreneur in realizing their potential. As you read, you will feel like you know Beth as a neighbor and friend. The author lets us see her strengths and weaknesses through real-life examples of what worked for her.

She allows us to meet the most influential people in her life. I enjoyed seeing how these individuals molded the way she ran her business. They all made her the trusted entrepreneur that she is today. I loved going down memory lane with A Little Something Bakery. The examples of how patrons became family are real. She gives these examples for a reason. The network of patrons/family that she built over the years served as her best support during the ups and downs of this and any business. Beth has determination and a never-give-up attitude. She may get knocked down, but she finds a way to get back up again with grace. This book will help get any first-time business owner or any business needing a boost to the next level. She may not share her recipe for the “Dirtbombs,” but she will share the invaluable knowledge that she gained through times of feast and famine.

—Amy Kidd

In this book, Beth describes how difficult and emotional being an entrepreneur is and how many unforeseen circumstances can set any business down a path they wish not to go. Beth speaks
directly to the reader to make them feel comfortable about the process, be prepared with the tool they need to start off right and understand the importance of doing your research.

Beth Bolton was a light to the dark halls of 485 New Park Avenue. Her laughter, spirit, and kindness are like a magnet for me. I admire Beth’s strength and determination above anything else. She has been through the wringer and back, and she keeps moving forward with that smile, a little sarcasm, and a healthy amount of pride.

Beth’s new path to help others succeed in business is a natural fit since she has been in business for over 30 years. She has helped me make some major business decisions of my own. Beth has given me the motivation to strive for more and see the things in myself I wasn’t so sure existed.

—Jennifer O’Connell

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