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From Work Life to New Life

From Work Life to New Life

Why do some professionals thrive when they retire while others struggle and even go into decline? Often we are ill-prepared to make the life-changing transition from full-time employment, whether we leave by choice or not. Our professional work is an important part of our identity, and filling that void and making productive use of our time and skills can be a major challenge.

Mike Mister and Rebecca Hill explore alternatives to the traditional “rules” of retirement in this practical guide for busy, mid to later-career professionals making the transition out of large organisational life. Using case studies and insights gleaned from their consulting work, Mister and Hill present a roadmap to reinvent retirement and build a rewarding ‘encore’ career. Having a purpose is key to professional and personal fulfillment, and the authors show you how to evaluate your options and make informed decisions when it comes to your encore. What motivates and inspires you? What are your lifestyle and financial needs? How can you leave the legacy you desire? The authors include tools and exercises that encourage reflection, help you assess your strengths, and create a personal action plan to make your ideas a reality.

Your encore can be the most exciting time of your life. From retraining in a new career path to making an impact by mentoring others or volunteering, a wealth of interesting possibilities awaits you!

It’s never too early or too late to start! As Chip Conley says in his book Wisdom at Work: “Rewire, don’t retire”!

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Rebecca Hill

About Rebecca Hill

After 25 years working predominantly in international professional services organization leading global change programmes latterly as a Global Director at EY, Rebecca is now firmly embedded in the entrepreneurial space having successfully launched several businesses. She is currently crafting her portfolio career. Through her company, Wise Sherpa, Rebecca is collaborating with a number of Start Ups, Scale Ups and SMEs as well as more established businesses as a consultant, thinking partner, facilitator and coach working across geographies and cultures. She also sits on a range of boards and committees and is a keen advocate of Women’s Economic Empowerment.

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Mike Mister

About Mike Mister

After an early career in retail banking and the defense industry, Mike has spent the majority of his career in professional services, initially in the UK and then began the serious international part of his career when he joined Ernst & Young Global in their London Headquarters in 2002. Since that time, he has worked in professional services across the world in places as diverse as India, China, USA, Australia, Israel, CIS and across Europe and South Africa.

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Written by two leaders in the field, this insightful and highly practical playbook is a must read for professionals looking to go plural and live a life of purposeful flourishing.

—Louise Chester, Managing Director Potential Project UK and Founder at Mindfulness at Work Ltd

This book is perfectly timed to provide practical guidance to individuals who are looking for the next chapter in their careers and want to build on their wealth of experience to create a plural career. The book is underpinned by research and the chapters are concise and with short exercises that take the reader from thinking to doing elegantly.

—Dr Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj, FRSA Associate Professor, HEC Paris Business School in Qatar

As someone who has a special interest in transitions, I found this book a brilliant and practical guide to helping people navigate their next professional chapters. It's well-structured and easy to read, and I particularly liked the case studies that showed the different ways in which people are creating their encore careers and the reflective exercises which was like having a personal coach in the room.

—Lesley Salem, Founder, Over The Bloody Moon

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