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I'll Be Right There

I'll Be Right There

When we talk about our bucket list, we focus on the things we want to do before we die. What about the list of things we DON’T want to happen as we start to age? What do we call THAT list?

I’ll Be Right There is a guidebook for adult children caring for their aging parents—during what can be an emotionally charged and challenging time.

The stories, information, worksheets, and resources in I’ll Be Right There will clarify what you already know, and provide you with what you absolutely need to know, for each stage of your parents’ aging.

In every page I offer what I’ve learned as a daughter called into service by her family, to help you navigate the rough waters of parental caregiving. Everything from communication, to financial and legal strategies, to managing mental and physical health challenges is covered—just like we are having a conversation.

I believe the hardest part of caregiving is knowing what to do and when for the people we love. Working through this book will give you the confidence, and peace of mind, knowing you CAN handle this!

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Fern Pessin

About Fern Pessin

In 2016 Fern Pessin moved to Florida to care for her aging parents. Her dad’s Alzheimer’s was starting to impact his day to day life. In an effort to be supportive of her parents without being intrusive, Fern set out to learn what caregiving involved. She became a certified Home Health Aide, attended conferences and events, participated in support groups and found counselors to guide her. She sought out a team of experts to help her and her siblings navigate through the financial, legal and medical requirements of securing her parents well-being over the long term. Inspired by fellow caregivers who demanded she provide the short-cut list with all the answers, Fern wrote I’ll Be Right There: A Guidebook for Adults Caring for their Aging Parents.

Her second book followed, When Can We Talk? Communication Strategies & Discussing Life Decisions with Your Loved Ones to address the challenge of talking about difficult topics with ease and positive results. Upon the passing of her father in 2021, the third book, I’m Not Gonna Live Forever You Know!, and the final book in the caregiver series, The Caregiver Recovery Program, are in development. The goal is to provide resources to help caregivers retain their authentic individual self while caregiving and to get back to a life they love after their loved ones have passed and caregiving has ended.

The process of writing a book and sharing what she had learned, along with a need for a flexible work schedule as her parent’s health worsened, inspired Fern, a lifelong, passionate story teller, to become a Manuscript Strategist. She offers ghost writing and content creation services to support authors in their mission of completing a book, manuscript, article, etc. When someone doesn’t have the words to put on paper but knows what they want to share, they turn to Fern to guide them on how to best share their thoughts in their own voice. Having completed several best sellers on Amazon which have inspired people to live their best lives with the inspirational lessons learned by the authors, Fern is loving being an author’s “magic secret.”

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

I'll Be Right There is from the heart. Chock full of detail, humor, compassion, and love. Fern has captured the essence of being a caregiver, and we know the best advice comes from having lived that role. Th e book is an easy read, not a classic Rx, and Fern's style and comic relief allow one to say, OMG--that's my parent(s)!

—Judy Simon, geriatric expert; creator of T.A.P.–Th e Alzheimer Project (movement program based on ballroom dance) and Th e Parkinson’s Choir; Former owner A&J Home Care

This book provides an amazing road map for the reader. You can choose what chapters you need to visit and spend time reviewing. Th e guidance is clear and relatable along with recommendations and valuable resources in one comprehensive location. Congratulations, Fern, on taking this journey with your parents and procuring all the expertise along the way for the benefi t of others.

—Marie Duquette, Atria @ Villages of Windsor, Community Sales Director

Fern has a nice way of relating diffi cult concepts into digestible sections. I particularly like the way she addresses driving. Driving while incapacitated (the real DWI) is a major problem, especially in cities without a good public transit infrastructure. It is an issue that must be approached with understanding and respect. Th e tools provided in I'll Be Right Th ere should help readers on this and many other issues. Fern approached these types of diffi cult topics with sensitivity and insight.

—Scott Solkoff, Elder Law Specialist

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