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Immortal HR

Immortal HR

After being targeted and “done away” with in Marc S Miller’s previous book (“The Death of HR: Who Killed H. (Harriet) R. (Rose) Job?—A Cautionary Tale and Detective Story”) in 2018 B.C. (before COVID) by a conspiracy within her own organization for being an “obstacle to progress” and “non-strategic,” Harriet Rose Job was able to RESURRECT herself. How did this happen?

Enter Ms. Connie Vid—(COVID). As a result of the pandemic, the function of HR was at the center of figuring out what needed to be done for companies and their workforce to survive the impact of the COVID-19.

Ms. Harriet Rose Job (HRJOB) became critical and needed, (if not IMMORTAL!) by changing her MINDSET and seeking collaborations with her many colleagues, including Mr. Tali Management (Talent Management), Mr. Bebe Bommer, Mr. Mel Lenial, Ms. Jennifer Zee, Mr. Gene Exer, and many more. This talented case of characters joined together to deliver policies, programs, and other actionable insights stemming from Harriet Rose Job’s new Mindset to overcome the effects of the “Evil Do-er —Ms. Connie Vid”!

Supported by commentary, research, opinions, and forecasts from HR and HR technology leaders, “IMMORTAL HR” offers a new perspective for any HR professional seeking his or her own lasting impact… or immortality, if you will.

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Marc S Miller

About Marc S Miller

Marc S. Miller is a thought leader, consultant, speaker and author, and is a nationally respected authority on Human Resource Management Systems with over 35 years experience with all aspects of technology solutions for Human Resources. His nationwide consulting firm, a sole proprietorship, together with his industry visibility, has made Marc S. Miller one of the HR and HR Technology industry’s most recognized voices. He uses his thought leadership, significant industry experience and contacts to provide insight into the important trends surrounding how Human Resources utilizes HR Technology. In great demand, Marc has been a featured speaker and presenter at numerous HR and HCM technology meetings such as SHRM, IQPC, and at many HRMS providers’ User Conferences. His blogs and webinars are always well viewed and attended. His first published book, “HeroicHR”, now in its Second Edition, remains in high demand.

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Marc’s superpower of synthesizing and storytelling shows up in the wonderful book. As HR (not just Harriet Rose) becomes more central to stakeholder value and business results, Marc’s innovative ideas will have profound impact. This work will help business and HR leaders identify and deploy the human capability practices that deliver value.

—Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Partner, The RBL Group

Marc is a brilliant storyteller with the gift of making complex topics simple and easy to grasp. This book is a must-read for those that want to understand the current state and future possibilities for HR in the changing world of work. His advice is practical and fun to engage with, and Marc helps us see the new chapter and era that is on the horizon – while also challenging the HR profession to take ownership of our future and our path to immortality.

—Dr. Dieter Veldsman, Chief HR Scientist, The Academy to Innovate HR – AIHR

Harriet Rose (HR) is not dead. In fact, she is reborn, reinvented, and re-emerges as a strategic 21st Century Leader and master of collaboration. Marc Miller's unique and provocative book is engaging, proactive, and serves as an essential read to anyone managing in the vast global and virtual environment.

—YAEL ZOFI, Virtual Teams Expert, Founder & CEO of AIM Strategies(R), Author of A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teamst

With all the career disruption today, this book is a must read for every HR practitioner across the globe to avoid career suicide and help navigate the disrupted HR landscape and be prepared for the digital transformation that is coming our way. I promise that you will laugh out loud more than once, too!

—ANNE FULTON, Founder and CEO, Fuel50 Career Pathing Software

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