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Love, Honor, and Asperger’s

Love, Honor, and Asperger’s

April Anderson’s remarkable memoir of her half-century marriage to a man eventually diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome captures the reader’s attention from the compellingly perfect opening sentence to the last poignant page. Particularly notable is Anderson’s gift for storytelling and humor as she invites the reader into her inner world of thoughts, feelings, and ponderings. Hurt and bewildered by her husband’s inexplicable behavior despite herculean efforts to understand and live in harmony with him, Anderson chronicles in intimate detail the profound toll that the marriage takes on her physical and emotional health. Even while fervently hoping for a change, she ultimately breaks loose from the bonds of trauma and regains her self-identity, true spirit, and peace. Too many educators go to work each day  feeling unappreciated and overburdened. But it shouldn’t—and doesn’t—have to be that way.

Smith and Waller offer practical solutions and a road map to drive real and meaningful change within the school and classroom. It’s possible to create a nurturing climate where teachers are respected and have the power to transform lives…not just their students’ lives, but their own.

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April Anderson

About April Anderson

April Anderson lives in Newark, Delaware, home of the Fightin’ Blue Hens, with her rescued cats. Her favorite pastimes are golfing, snow skiing, road racing, and growing lots of pretty flowers. Her website is

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Love, Honor, and Asperger’s by April Anderson begins during a timeless era of “gals” on the beach and Armstrong’s moon landing. April’s summer bliss ends quickly after marrying her summer fling. She tells the dark and debilitating side of being married to a spouse with high-functioning autism. If you are in this kind of relationship, you will find a compassionate friend in this book who sees, hears, and knows your pain. Her truth can set you free.

—Midge Noble Author of Ice Cube Award: Learning to Be Cool under Pressure and Sheba: Home Is Where Your Heart Is

April’s storytelling is both enlightening and informative, carrying the reader swiftly along with her through her experiences with Bruce, her Asperger’s husband, as she describes some of the ebbs and flows of the good, the bad, and the ugly of their marriage and the added dimensions of an Aspie-Neurotypical relationship. In her memoir, April illustrates how patience and tolerance are tantamount to a successful marriage and how “understanding your source” is key to your own health and happiness.

—Lauren Millman Owner of Lauren Wellness in Toronto, Canada; Certified Relationship and Communications Coach specializing in Aspie-Neurotypical relationships

April Anderson captures the struggle with intimacy faced by those who love people with autism. She carefully depicts day-to-day issues that seem senseless and unpredictable. The frustration with trying to address and solve issues with strategies that normally resolve most matters is dealt with directly with true grit. With determination and a sense of humor, the author portrays the quest for a loving relationship that is often one-sided and disappointing. This book can provide support for someone addressing similar challenges while loving someone with autism. Intense and enlightening.

—Cheryl Nye Psychologist and author of Taming Autism

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