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Through real life scenarios, personal stories and practical applications, author Heather Ettinger will take you on a journey to explore your past and present and help you design your intentional future. LUMINATION brings a refreshingly unique approach, tailored specifically for women, to examine their thoughts, emotions and life-long conditioning around money and life choices. This framework will shine a light on your path to financial wellness and give you the tools and resources to guide you whenever life’s planned and unplanned transitions change your course. You can expect an inspiring and practical journey to your personal financial wellness.

Heather’s goal is simple: To educate, empower and embrace women where they are today, and help take them to where they want to be in the future. Based on over 35 years of coaching women and their families through financial transitions and life, Heather provides the essential guide for women to finally understand and unravel the money messages in their personal money journey; how to explore money values and behavioral patterns around job/purpose, relationships, community, health, spirituality and play; and how to design and live their unique, intentional life that will bring her (and her family) more joy.

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Heather Ettinger

About Heather Ettinger

As a champion for women and girls for over 30 years, Heather Ettinger is widely recognized for her unique experience and dedication to helping women build their financial acumen and wealth, culminating in the founding of Luma Wealth Advisors in 2017. She specializes in helping clients and their families create strategic financial plans to guide them through life transitions, such as the loss of a spouse, divorce and job changes and to align their resources around family values and impact in their communities.

Heather co-authored two studies about women and their unique needs entitled “Women of Wealth: Why Does the Financial Services Industry Still Not Hear Them?” and “Women of Wealth: What Do Breadwinner Women Want?” Heather has been featured in many publications including The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and Bloomberg and is a frequently requested speaker for industry associations, company women’s initiatives and wellness events. For conceiving new ideas and tools that have propelled the financial industry forward, she was recognized as a 2019 “Icons and Innovators” honoree by Investment News. In 2019, she also proudly accepted The Ruth Bader Ginsburg award for advancing the aspirations of women from the Women’s Vote Project.

Ms. Ettinger remains an ardent supporter of her alma maters including Dartmouth College, where she earned a B.A., and Laurel School for girls, where she now serves as an Emeritus Trustee. She is active with In Counsel with Women and the nationally recognized wealth management study group, Family Wealth Advisors Council. She has served on numerous non-profit and private company boards across a wide range of industries including distribution, manufacturing, technology, trust services, financial services and healthcare. Her most recent board service includes University Hospitals Health System, The Private Trust Company, Asurint One Source Technology, Schwab Institutional Services Advisory Board, and Racing Towards Diversity.

Ms. Ettinger considers raising her three children with her husband, Jeff, to be her greatest and most rewarding accomplishment. Her favorite activities include playing ice hockey, skiing and hiking.

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

In her new book, Heather Ettinger has made a compelling case for real change in the financial services industry. LUM/NATION highlights how the traditional, transactional world of finance has failed to meet the needs of 51 percent of the American population, and then offers a framework for women who want to have more meaningful conversations about wealth and financial well-being with each other, their families, and their advisors.

—Kathleen Burns Kingsbury Wealth psychology expert and author of Breaking Money Silence® : How to Shatter Money Taboos, Talk More Openly about Finances, and Live a Richer Life

Heather Ettinger is the real deal and, in this book, she is a pure truth-teller. The prescription she writes for women surrounding our financial health is transparent and authentic. I saw my past, my present, and my oppor­tunity to craft a smart financial future.

—Margaret Mitchell President & CEO, YWCA Greater Cleveland

With her new book, LUM/NATION, Heather Ettinger is leading a move­ meant to help women step forward.

—Fields Jackson, Jr. Founder & CEO, Racing Toward Diversity

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