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Memoirs of a Suburban Troublemaker

Memoirs of a Suburban Troublemaker

Attention troublemakers, parents of troublemakers, and everyone who embraces a rebellious spirit! This captivating narrative is dedicated to you. In the heart of Reston, Virginia, an openly integrated community established amidst the civil rights movement, Ellen’s coming-of-age journey unfolds against the backdrop of societal change. With vivid detail and emotional depth, Ellen chronicles a blissful childhood that comes to an abrupt end when her parents divorce. A self-proclaimed troublemaker, Ellen becomes the voice of dissent within her hometown, responding to perceived injustices and seeking attention with acts of rebellion – shoplifting, drinking, and fighting. Yet beneath the seemingly defiant exterior lies a soul yearning for belonging and grappling with the complexities of life.

As Ellen navigates the fallout of her parents’ divorce, facing isolation and rejection, an unexpected friendship with Bahija becomes her lifeline. United as outsiders battling their own conflicts, the bond between Ellen and Bahija becomes a source of solidarity and empowerment. Ellen discovers the strength to stand up against bullying. As the humorous narrative unfolds, the reader is taken on a riveting journey through Ellen’s formative years, with a front-row seat to the struggles of adolescence, the quest for identity, and the desire for independence.

Brimming with irony and profound insights, this compelling memoir is a celebration of inclusion, resilience, and the unbreakable bonds forged through shared experiences. Each escapade, whether uproariously funny or deeply painful, serves as a testament to the enduring power of genuine connections and the impact of standing up for what is right. Ellen’s story is a reminder that we are all a work in progress, each with a fighter within waiting to be unleashed. Along with poignant reflection, Ellen shows us that laughter can be a potent tool for growth, and sometimes the most judicious lessons are hidden beneath the surface of a good underwear joke.

Ellen R.B. Smith

About Ellen R.B. Smith

Ellen received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and music from the University of Tennessee. Her professional journey spans 35 years, where she navigated industries entrenched in the prevalent misogyny of the era, vividly depicted in her compelling narrative.

At Amazon, Ellen’s proactive initiatives led to groundbreaking promotions, amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her dedication to fostering diversity and innovation, showcased through her work, embodies a leadership style aimed at positive change. Ellen is a highly sought after strategist, speaker, coach and trainer.  She also specializes in guiding individuals on nurturing troublemakers and the ability to define constructive rebellion.

Ellen’s memoir resonates with readers by infusing humor and introspection, encouraging them to confront life’s uncertainties with laughter and many adaptive course corrections. In her free time, Ellen spends time with her husband and two daughters, her coton de tulears Niles and Frasier, her sister and brother-in-law who live across the street, and her mother and stepfather John, who still reside in Reston, VA.

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