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Punch Doubt in the Face

Punch Doubt in the Face

The days of sticking with a single career path until our golden years of retirement are gone. In the last ten years, the world of work has changed significantly. But the career advice you’ve been given since you were a kid hasn’t.

Enter Nicolle Merrill, four-time (and counting) career-changer, professional reinventor, and author. In Punch Doubt in the Face: How to Upskill, Change Careers, and Beat the Robots, Nicolle translates the future of work into a roadmap to a better career and professional empowerment.

Grounded in her belief that our careers are like a Choose Your Own Adventure book–full of possibilities, new paths, and the occasional surprise–Nicolle helps readers evaluate their careers like mini-futurists. You’ll discover a new career that fits your lifestyle, learn how to attain the skills needed to thrive in the workplace of the future, and go on a professional adventure or two–regardless of your age or your industry.

Read this book. Your future self will thank you.

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Nicolle Merrill

About Nicolle Merrill

Four-time (and counting) career changer Nicolle Merrill excels in professional reinvention. She has written for Four Seasons and National Geographic private jet tours, taught digital communication skills to global executives, and sold adventure travel programs in New Zealand. As the former Associate Director of the Career Development office at Yale School of Management, she coached hundreds of MBA students and professionals through all phases of their career transitions.

Now Nicolle designs conversational AI products for a leading fintech company while teaching people how to build in demand skills for a rapidly changing workplace.

Nicolle’s new book, Punch Doubt in the Face: How to Upskill, Change Careers, and Beat the Robots, challenges traditional career advice. It shows readers how to adapt to new technology and artificial intelligence in the workplace while learning the skills to thrive in the future of work.

Nicolle’s human-centered approach to career changes, combined with a relentless curiosity about emerging career trends, has led to speaking engagements across the US, as well as in Canada and Ireland.

Nicolle’s favorite things include pinball, rowdy card games, speculative fiction, and lively conversations.

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Early on in Punch Doubt in the Face: How to upskill, change careers, and beat the robots, Nicolle admits that professional reinvention is an act of rebellion. This book provides a helping, but not coddling, hand to those who want to make a change. Its grasp on reality, empowering tone, and dash of humor combine to create an accessible and supportive guide to the rebellion that is changing your professional trajectory.

—Amma Marfo, Consultant and Founder, The Defectors

Punch Doubt in the Face is the salted caramel of career management books. It's readily available, delicious, and mandatory reading. While it paints a candid picture of current and future work, this is no tome of gloom and doom. The overarching call to mine your curiosity to become a more agile worker is inspiring and actionable. I felt like she read my diary and used it to slay my dragons.

—Allegra M. Sinclair, Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer, Your Giant Within Coaching

Nicolle Merrill's new book, Punch Doubt in the Face, sweeps away the confusion and last tendrils of 20th-century work hegemony, and ushers the reader into the new world of grabbing ownership of their professional life. Each chapter is written authentically with research-backed guidelines to propel current professionals to create career changes that resonate with the current and future business trends, along with specific options on how to keep learning. It is a life map that reminds each of us to, Follow Your Curiosity. I will definitely be using this as required reading for all our incoming students and alumni.

—Elizabeth Moon, Chief Diversity Officer Associate Director, Career Development University of California, Davis–Graduate School of Management

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