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Reading My Mind

Reading My Mind

Reading My Mind is a refreshingly honest and intimate collection of raw journal excerpts that chronicle the author’s rollercoaster ride through her pivotal years of college life. Mary Reid offers a candid look at her daily experiences and explores a gamut of emotions as a young adult, from exuberant highs at her diving meets and parties to heart-wrenching lows in relationship disasters. Her wry reflections on navigating friendships, sports, academics, and romance are not just about the drama, but about the insight she gains along the way.

Reid sprinkles her narrative with sage advice and wisdom garnered from twenty years of life experience since her college days. From finding balance to practicing moderation, she shares the invaluable lessons learned with authenticity and sincerity, making them resonate deeply with readers of all ages. Reid encourages readers to trust their instincts, make informed decisions about the company they keep, and stay true to themselves, no matter the circumstances. We all stumble and triumph, and the challenges we face are opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

Whether you’re a late teen about to embark on your college adventure, a recent graduate reminiscing about the past, or someone seeking positive insights on overcoming life’s obstacles, this book has something to offer you. “Reading My Mind” is a genuine invitation to reflect, learn, and embrace the vagaries of life with an open heart and a resilient spirit.

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Mary Reid

About Mary Reid

Mary Reid studied History and Music in College, traveled the country with the All-American High Dive Team, dabbled in Law School and currently works as a paralegal at a prestigious law firm in Chicago. As she is always striving for more, Mary wrote this book after discovering her college journals packed away in moving boxes and thought it would be helpful to share her experiences with those heading off to college. The journal excerpts contain lessons pertaining to life, love and personal growth, along with her commentary and hindsight. Adjusting to college life is difficult but may be just a little easier with this book by your side. Mary enjoys spending time with her family, attending concerts and staying active with her Peloton bike. Mary lives in Chicago with her husband, son and two rescue dogs.

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Reading My Mind is an amazing and incredibly accurate account of our journey at a Prestigious College twenty years ago. Mary has provided a great roadmap for students on how to navigate college life, in addition to highlighting certain routes on the map not to take, haha. It's a great read for students and parents alike and a must-have to include in your student's second semester care package. It's everything you want; it's everything you need.

Ryan (Yes, that Ryan)

Previously, before reading this book, I feared traveling over 1,500 miles to attend an out-of-state University. After reading this book, I am now excited to experience new things and make new memories. This book made me realize that my life has just begun and that I'm ready for any obstacles that come my way.

Madi H., Age 18

I wish I had this book available when I went to college! It would have helped so much!

Daniela Barreto

Reading Mary's unedited journal entries brought me down our winding and hilly memory lane of college and coming of age. Mary lays bare her inner thoughts and soul in this book, in which we explore, and for some of us re-examine, choices made, relationships engaged in, and experiences that have forever left their mark and made us who we are today. For some, this book provides an opportunity to look back and fondly reflect on the transformative times of young adulthood. For others, this book serves as a guide for what they do not tell you about life after high school. Mary invites us on her journey of self-discovery and we are lucky enough to join the ride and even do some self-discovery of our own along the way.

Carolyn Razon-Fernandez, Ph.D.

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