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The 7 Mindsets To Live Your Ultimate Life

The 7 Mindsets To Live Your Ultimate Life

If everyone wants to live happy and successful lives, then why do so few achieve it? This simple question launched an exhaustive study into the commonalities of the world’s happiest and most successful people. We spent thousands of hours analyzing research and conducting our own. We tracked down and interviewed over 400 highly successful people. We combed through over 200 biographies and best-selling success stories. We left no stone unturned. So, what do the happiest and most successful people have in common? It turns out that it’s not related to geography, race, or gender. It’s not whether they grew up in loving homes or broken homes, nor whether their families were affluent or impoverished. It even has nothing to do with their education level, nor with their specific skill sets. In fact, what they all actually have in common is their mindsets… how they think!

The 7 Mindsets provide the foundation for lives filled with extraordinary meaning, fulfillment and success on one’s own terms. And perhaps our most surprising discovery was that the vast majority of people are not only not living the 7 Mindsets, but are actually thinking and acting in direct opposition to them.
The findings are revolutionary and have positively impacted countless lives. If you’re ready to live your ultimate life and help ensure that future generations do as well, then this is a must read.

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Scott Shickler

About Scott Shickler

Scott Shickler is one of the world’s leading experts on personal empowerment and entrepreneurship. The Wall Street Journal referred to him as “a serial and parallel entrepreneur” due to the number of businesses he has launched in diverse industries.

Collectively, Scott’s companies have grossed over $100 million in business sectors from software to seminars and real estate to retail. He is the author or co-author of eight books, including The Ultimate Entrepreneur and The 7 Mindsets to Live Your Ultimate Life. Scott has been featured in a variety of media, including CNN, ABC and NBC News, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

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Jeff Waller

About Jeff Waller

Jeff Waller is a motivational speaker and thought leader on personal achievement and youth empowerment. He is the co-founder of Excent Corporation and the co-creator of 7 Mindsets, an organization focused on the delivery of cutting edge empowerment models distributed through scalable technologies on sustainable platforms.
Prior to his work in youth empowerment, Jeff was a highly successful business strategist working with Fortune 500 companies. Jeff lives in Atlanta with his wife and three children. He holds a degree from The Georgia Institute of Technology.

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Ridiculously Amazing Schools...uses powerful anecdotes to deliver important messages. Tracey and Jeff have delivered an engaging and accessible framework for transforming the lives of our educators and the students they teach.

—Sally J. Zepeda, Ph.D.
Professor of Educational Administration and Policy
University of Georgia

A unique and uplifting book that focuses on how to support teachers...The key is investing in our people, their well-being, and the relationships we cultivate among them. Jeff and Tracey provide conditions for success and practical guidance to help educators create schools students need. The time is now!

—Lissa Pijanowski, Ed.D.
Founder / Chief Learning Officer, Innovate 2 Educate and Senior Fellow, International Center for Leadership in Education

Ridiculously Amazing Schools is a very practical blueprint of how to take seemingly ordinary schools and the culture within them to the next level of excellence!! I loved that right off the bat they point out that you can’t teach a ‘whole’ child without addressing the whole teacher... In today’s educational climate of research based, data driven assessments and standards, it’s easy to forget that at the core of our schools, and the educational outcomes we seek, are the relationships within them. A school climate is palpable...positive or negative. To create change...inspire a teacher! This book absolutely does that! All educators should be able to find inspiration from the stories and suggestions they find inside. Also, the tools to put any or all of the suggestions into practice are awesome!! I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to get started on their own ridiculously amazing journey!

—Colleen Winters

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