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We Are Ukraine

We Are Ukraine

Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine has taken a heavy toll on its most vulnerable, innocent victims, the children. Fifty-five youngsters and youths ages 4 through 17 were asked to answer one of two questions: what this war means to them and what Ukrainian culture means to them. “We are Ukraine” is a compilation of their brave and poignant responses, accompanied by artwork that speaks volumes about the suffering and terrible impact of war on children’s minds and hearts.

Armed conflict disrupts and destroys the basic necessities of life we often take for granted: food, water, electricity, health care, schools, and shelter. Children pay a dreadful price when caught in the crossfire of war, enduring forced separation from family members, loss of friends and loved ones, displacement, and the trauma of being exposed to terrifying violence and destruction. The children in this book express their fears and wistful hopes for the war to end, and they are also fiercely proud of their country and its traditions. The message is simple but profound: children deserve to live.  It is time to end the scourge of war and its grave violations against children and all of humankind.

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