What a Woman Wants…: A Gathering Of Authentic Women’s Desires: Profound, Funny, Erotic, Powerful, Spiritual, Provocative and Sovereign Sisterhood - Publish Your Purpose
What a Woman Wants...

What a Woman Wants...

Marie Nazon’s treasure trove of women’s voices from all over the globe is – at last – the answer to Sigmund Freud’s famous question:“What does a woman want?” Inspired by a creative writing prompt, Nazon asked this simple question to over one hundred women of different ages, cultures, ethnic and sexual orientation, racial backgrounds and socio-economic status spanning four continents. Their responses are powerful and brilliant, funny and profound. Women’s power, wisdom, and longing for meaningful connection radiate in their reflections on relationships and intimacy, equity, spirituality, sisterhood, and more. In “What a Women Want…,” Nazon has compiled a sublime montage that takes the reader on a thrilling exploration of women’s innermost thoughts and desires.

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Marie C. Nazon, PhD, LMSW

About Marie C. Nazon, PhD, LMSW

Marie C. Nazon, PhD, LMSW is a social worker with over twenty-five years of clinical experience in the mental health field. Dr. Marie is passionate about women’s empowerment, sisterhood and has co-founded and led women’s support circles in Africa and in New York. Dr. Marie lives in the village of Harlem with her family, four-leggeds, Jazz the cat and Rumi the dog.

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

This book is wonderful! You can read it from cover to cover, or you can open it to any page and find knowledge, humor, inspiration, and strength for your day or night. I find it like poetry in that every page has multiple messages and will deliver a different jewel of knowing with every reading. I plan to get it for all my loved ones for their birthdays or for holidays. It is an anytime of the year book and a book for all time. Thank you, Marie Nazon, for following spirit's inspiration and bringing this work of art into being!

—Amazon Reviewer

In What a Woman Wants Marie Nazon brings to life the voice of women around the world. As I read this compilation, it not only reminded me of those things that matter to me and what I want as a woman, but stirred my imagination into thinking outside of the box of what I think I want and give myself permission to want “more.” These voices come together as an orchestral piece resounding with laughter, tears, screams, and the softness of women unheard, yet standing now resolutely in a crescendo, unabashed and pleading to be seen in her authentic Divine Feminine self. It serves
to remind me that I am not alone, and I have much more in common with my sisters around the world than that which seemingly differentiates us from each other. Pick up this book now, read and listen, and dare to speak your truth!

—Rev Julie MacDonald, author of The Evolution of The Spirit of Mankind

What a Woman Wants will move your heart, spirit, and mind. It will turn you on and up, only in the way that the Divine Feminine can. I feel privileged to know the magnificent Marie Nazon and to be a part of one of her circles. There are no limits to the wonders of what a woman can do and the depth of our highs, lows, strengths, and challenges. They are captured here beautifully, and each page will remind you of something in or for yourself -or- of a woman whose voice rings loud and clear in these words.

—Alicia Holmes, Financial Educator/Investor – Founder of Journey to Wealth

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