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Your Queer Career®

Your Queer Career®

Navigating your career can be a challenge for any professional, but this is especially true for members of the LGBTQ+ Community. From having the courage to be your authentic self in the workplace to shaping your organizational culture to be more inclusive, balancing your “gay” job with your “day” job can sometimes be exhausting!

Now there’s help from “The Gay Leadership Dude®”, Dr. Steve Yacovelli. In Your Queer Career® Dr. Steve draws from his decades-long expertise in leadership and executive development, change management, coaching, and diversity and inclusion consulting with some of the world’s top brands including Disney, IBM, Merck, TD Bank, Bayer, PBS, and many others. He addresses common workplace challenges like how to deal with microaggressions, having a homophobic boss, making Employee Resource Groups more effective, and more. Using his personal experience as a queer professional combined with a few bad “Dad” jokes, as well as solid and practical advice, Dr. Steve guides readers (Queer or otherwise) to not just survive but thrive in today’s modern workplace.

Whether you’re just starting your professional journey or simply wanting to amp up your leadership awesomeness, this compelling book empowers readers to embrace their authentic selves and maneuver through their careers with unwavering courage. It is a must-read for both Queer and Ally Leaders alike who want to shape a brighter and more inclusive workplace for all.

A portion of the proceeds will go toward organizations supporting and promoting leadership within the LGBTQ+ Community.

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Steve Yacovelli

About Steve Yacovelli

Steve has had the pleasure of working with some great client-partners who he considers to be members of the TopDog “pack.” He’s thoroughly enjoyed helping his client-partners grow, develop, expand, and be successful with TopDog’s corporate learning, change management, diversity and inclusion, and leadership consulting goodness.

With almost thirty years of experience in leadership, strategy, organizational learning, and communication, Steve is a rare breed of professional that understands the power of using academic theory and applying it to the corporate setting to achieve business results. Oh, and he’s quite fond of dogs, too.

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Thoughtful, helpful, and wickedly enjoyable. If you lead any team, business, or organization, you'll get a lot out of Steve's insights found in Pride Leadership. Plus, it's pretty darn fun to read.

—Casey Nicholaw, Tony Award-winning Broadway director/ choreographer

There are a lot of leadership books out there today, but none come to mind that speak directly to an LGBTQ Leader. In Pride Leadership, Steve not only speaks straight to our community (so to speak), but does so with empathy, passion, and practical wisdom. An enjoyable yet thoughtful read, I highly recommend this for any LGBTQ person wishing to amp up their leadership game.

—Gina Duncan, Director of Transgender Equality, Equality Florida Institute

Being an inclusive leader is so important, more now than ever before. For an LGBTQ+ Leader, understanding your power and influence in leveraging empathy, being authentic, managing relationships and the other competencies Steve shares in Pride Leadership are great revelations for emerging leaders, and good practical reminders for experienced leaders. I highly recommend this fun, informative, and engaging read for any LGBTQ+ Leader.

—Jon G. Muñoz, Vice President, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Hilton

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