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Hey, Expert,
You Need to Publish a Book

You are a passionate expert in your field with a growing platform and an impactful business.

You’re out there living your life’s purpose, booking speaking engagements, and sharing your knowledge and vision as a thought leader. But for some reason, you’ve been hitting a wall lately. Something’s missing. Something’s been holding you back from achieving your goals.

You want to grow your business, but your old tactics aren’t working anymore. You crave the next adventure and challenge but aren’t quite sure what it is. You want to get your big idea out to more people, but don’t know how.

It’s time for you to write and publish a book.

No matter how much of an expert you already are in your career, there’s always room to level up. Depending on what you specialize in, your field might be saturated with other experts, thought leaders, and businesses, each providing their own perspectives. What can set you apart from the competition to grow your business? A published book.

Why You Need to Write and Publish a Book

Improve Your Credibility

Having a published book lends you more credibility in your field. And adding “published author” to your title isn’t just cool, it changes the way people perceive you and your offerings.

Land Those Speaking Deals

When you develop your authority on a subject, you’ll book more speaking engagements. Plus, you will get paid higher speaking rates because you are a published author. Once you’ve published a book, your speaking rates will immediately double, if not triple in value.

Access Opportunities

Becoming a published author opens doors you never knew were possible. Join and grow with a community of published thought leaders and experts. You will also get added press and media opportunities which will drive more book and client sales.

Grow Your Business

Potential clients will hire you because you are now an authority in your field. Bring people to your business who will benefit from your mission, but haven’t found you yet.

Make More Money

You won’t just increase your speaking rates and bring in more business revenue, but receive up to 85% of royalties on your book. Cha-ching!

Reach More People

Your big ideas need a larger stage and platform to reach the people you can benefit most. Grow your platform and share your voice.

Solidify Your Methodology

Writing a book often forces you to think through your process and methodology, giving you a new way to package your services to your clients.

Publish Your Purpose

As a thought leader and expert in your field, you already have the knowledge and a strong voice. You just need to get it down on paper. At Publish Your Purpose, we work specifically with experts and thought leaders who are already successful in their spaces to catapult them to the next level, earn even greater credibility in their circles, and grow their businesses.

You’re already a professional, as are we. We know the value of getting out the hard-earned expertise of others.

How We Work

As a full-service hybrid publisher, we guide our authors through the entire publishing process.

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