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Hybrid Ghostwriting

Why a Hybrid Ghostwriting Approach?

PYP offers a hybrid ghostwriting service instead of a traditional ghostwriting service, in order to keep costs lower and to really emphasize the collaborative approach between an author and their ghostwriter. This service will involve the author and the ghostwriter working together to create a book from the ground up, while still giving the author the opportunity to guide the ghostwriter toward creating their manuscript collaboratively together.
Compare the pros/cons of working on a traditional ghostwriting project versus our hybrid ghostwriting approach below.

Traditional Ghostwriting:

A ghostwriter is a writer or editor hired to write a book that is officially credited to another person as the author. The process can vary from an author providing only minimal details and the ghostwriter completing the whole manuscript, or it can involve the writer and ghostwriter sitting down and working on the book from scratch.

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The Pros and Cons of Traditional Ghostwriting


  • A faster approach than an author just trying to write on their own.
  • The author will be working with a professional who can help them craft their story.


  • It can take up to 12-18 months to write a book using this method, which is still a long process. The timing is largely dependent on how quickly the author responds to the ghostwriter’s questions and suggestions. Our PYP Hybrid Ghostwriting Service can be completed in 6 months or less. Again, largely dependent on how responsive an author is with the ghostwriter through the process.
  • A ghostwriter traditionally tends to be pretty expensive to work with. If an author pays $25k that’s on the lower side, and some go as high as $100k.
    • According to Writer’s Market, hiring a ghostwriter for a book that includes the ghostwriter’s name on the cover ranges from $22,800 to $80,000. If no credit is given, that range jumps from $36,200 to $100,000. These estimates can vary based on the complexity and length of the book.
    • With our PYP Hybrid Ghostwriting Service your name is front and center for your work. Our prices vary based on your table of contents and a custom scope of work will be provided on a per project basis.
  • Sometimes a ghostwriter doesn’t capture the author’s voice in the way they had hoped and the author ends up writing/editing more than they expected, while still costing a lot of money and not saving as much time.

The Hybrid Ghostwriting Process

  1. An author expresses a desire to engage in the Hybrid Ghostwriting Service.
  2. A PYP project manager coordinates and selects the appropriate ghostwriter for the project.
  3. Author signs the proposal and agrees to pay all associated fees to PYP.
  4. An initial call is scheduled with the project manager and author to go over the process, at which time the PM gives the author the PYP template.
  5. The author provides the ghostwriter with a completed copy of the provided template.
  6. The ghostwriter and author set up the total # of phone calls needed. Each phone call must be no longer than one (1) hour.
  7. The ghostwriter interviews the author during each one (1) hour phone call.
    1. Each interview will consist of the following:
      1. Ghostwriter will state at the beginning of each interview the title of the chapter that is being reviewed, the thesis of the chapter that the author has provided, and any other details that the author wants included in the transcription of the chapter opening.
      2. Ghostwriter will ask leading questions to guide the author about the given chapter.
      3. Ghostwriter will ask clarifying questions when the response to the questions from the author are inadequate.
      4. All interviews will be recorded via an audio device (typically on a recorded Zoom line).
  8. At the conclusion of each interview the audio file will be returned to the project manager.
  9. Upon completion of the transcription, the transcribed file is returned to the ghostwriter. The turnaround for the ghostwriter to receive the transcription from PYP is 72 hours.
  10. The ghostwriter reviews and line edits the transcription for clarity, flow, etc.
  11. The ghostwriter returns the edited, transcribed version of the document to the author, for their review. This transcribed document is emailed to the author prior to their next call.
    1. Any questions the author has regarding the transcribed document should be sent via email to the ghostwriter.
  12. The next interview continues on to the next chapter.
    1. The ghostwriter and author will not review any previous transcription/edits on the phone call, to avoid cutting into the hour-long session.
  13.  Upon completion of the entire transcription, the ghostwriter will provide a line edit of the entire transcribed manuscript. The intention of this edit is to ensure that the transcriptions read like a book manuscript, and to prepare this book for publication.
  14. The author should expect to receive the final manuscript draft of this book within 7 days from the start of the line edit.

NOTE: Working with PYP in this Hybrid Ghostwriting Service package does not guarantee that PYP will be the right publishing partner for an author’s book. We will mutually determine if an author’s book fits under PYP’s mission and vision and if so a separate scope of work will be provided for the author’s review. Upon agreement of the new scope of work for Publishing Services, the author will move into the formal publishing process and a kickoff call with your project manager will be scheduled.

Upon completion of the manuscript, ideally it will be ready to move immediately into the full editing process. However, there is no guarantee that the manuscript will be suitable for publication in its current state. This is largely dependent upon the content of the manuscript and the preparedness of the author. It is important to note that it might be advised to have the manuscript go through a developmental edit prior to publication if the material is still underdeveloped. PYP will assess the manuscript and identify the best course of action for your book in particular.

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