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Pick Your Path To Publishing Webinar

As an aspiring author, it can be hard to know which publishing path is right for you. The three paths (traditional, self-publishing, and hybrid publishing) all promise to be the best option. But… that can’t be, right?

The truth is the “best” path to publishing depends on you.

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Are you feeling…

  • Confused about the number of publishing options?
  • Overwhelmed by everyone telling you that self-publishing is easy?
  • Frustrated with not getting a traditional book publishing deal?
  • Puzzled about the difference in royalty arrangements between publishing paths?
  • Unsure about the legitimacy of the service providers you’ve connected with?
  • Worried about losing the rights to your book baby?

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You’ll Learn How To

  • Identify the right path to publishing for you
  • Avoid predatory publishers
  • Evaluate the legitimacy of available service providers
  • Publish a book that is aligned with your vision and values

Knowledge Is Power

You’ve worked really hard to write a powerful and compelling manuscript that represents you and your brand. Now you need to instill trust in a publisher to get your big idea out there. And that can be terrifying.

You might be wondering…

  • What if I pick the wrong publisher and my reputation suffers as a result?
  • If I go the self-publishing route, will my book look sloppy and unprofessional?
  • How do I know if a publisher aligns with my values and my audience?

When it comes to choosing a path to publishing, the more you know the better. It is completely understandable to feel worried that you’ll make the wrong decision. Our webinar will help you find the confidence you need to make the choice that is right for you.

The Steps To Finding That Perfect Publisher


Understand the Differences Between Publishing Paths

In this webinar, we do a deep dive into the three paths to publishing available to authors: traditional publishing, self-publishing, and hybrid publishing.

Specifically, we target three main (and very important differences) in:

  • Ownership and rights
  • Creative control
  • Royalties

With a better understanding of which publishing paths give you the most rights, creative license, and royalties, you’ll be one step closer to choosing the right publishing path for your book.


Discover Your Assets as an Author

Did you know that traditional publishing houses consider the size of your platform (email subscriptions, social media following, etc.)? The bigger the platform, the more people are already eager to read a book written by you. But, size isn’t everything: understanding and having data on your social media engagement or email click-throughs is important, too.

Understanding your assets and how you can leverage them to either land a book deal, or market a profitable book for your business, will help you decide on your path to publishing.


Learn How To Avoid Predatory Publishers

When it comes to book publishing, there are countless predatory publishers out there that are trying to capitalize off your dreams, while ripping you off.

We go over the main things to look out for when it comes to evaluating hybrid publishers and sifting through credible opportunities and scammers.


Determine What Kind of Publishing Relationship You Want

Some publishers are more hands-on and relationship-focused. Others are more all-business and impersonal. This webinar will help you identify the kind of relationship you’re looking for and how to find it.

Opening the “Gate” To Publishing

The book publishing world is a notorious gatekeeper industry (as in, it is hard to break through). Do you want to be at the mercy of a publisher telling you that you’re not good enough? Or do you want to take control over your book publishing, and pave your own path to publishing?

Find out by joining our webinar. 

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