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S2 E1 Activate the Life You Want By Being Yourself

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Activate the Life You Want By Being Yourself

Marketing Expert and Author Kristin Andree Shares Her Insight On Being 100% Yourself and Building the Life You Want Intentionally

Invisible Stories Season 2 Episode 1 with Kristin Andree

Today’s Invisible Stories guest is Kristin Andree, a business strategist, speaker, podcaster, and author of You’re Not for Everyone: But, You Can Be For Everyone. Kristen specializes in working with folks that own businesses, financial advisors, and powerhouse women looking to scale up their businesses and generate growth. An engaging speaker, Kristin’s goals are to Coach, Challenge, and Empower her clients.

In this podcast, Kristin and I delve into the details of how to market yourself and your book. She advises listeners about:

  • Never compromising who they are, and to instead capitalize on their strengths to build an intentional life for themselves.
  • The benefits of engaging with a beta reader group and other publishing professionals, which helped make the publishing of her second book a better, more organized, and streamlined process.
  • Marketing themselves and their book using calls-to-action and online and social media marketing.

You’re Not For Everyone by Kristin Andree

Have you ever felt you spend so much time living your life, that you forget to enjoy it? That the place you find yourself in seems almost unrecognizable, leaving you to wonder, how did I get here? Is this truly what you want your life to look like?Far too many people spend years – even decades – doing what they thought they should do. Living to please others, at the expense of themselves. They find themselves rounding out their edges or staying squarely in their comfort zones. They build successful careers, while neglecting to take time for family or fun. They feel accomplished, yet unfulfilled.Whether you’ve slipped into being a people pleaser, been afraid to step up, or simply don’t know how to put yourself on your priority list, know there is a way to intentionally design your life. To fill it with the right people, the right things, and the right intentions.With You’re Not for Everyone, Kristin Andree guides you in discovering what has been keeping you from the life you were meant to lead, and helps you craft a plan to design that life. After all, isn’t that what we all deserve?Your intentional life is waiting for you. Are you ready to live it?

Key Takeaways

  • [00:00:33] Kristin: Yeah, absolutely. So Kristin Andree, I am a business strategist and coach also I’m author speaker podcaster, or so a little bit of everything, but I really work with people that own businesses and financial advisors and powerhouse women, just to scale their businesses and to really work on work with them on strategy and revenue growth.
  • [00:01:20] Kristin: Was this my second. So it, and do you remember the first one was a while ago, but this one came kind of organically. So the book is called. You’re not for everyone. The subtitle, but you can be for everyone and what they mean, right. It was really, I think I spent so many years of my life trying to please everybody and trying to kind of round out my edges and just kind of fit into the box that other people had built. And I didn’t take enough time personally, professionally, financially, any of those areas to really think about what I intentionally wanted life to look like. So as I’ve coached clients, and as I’ve gone through that journey myself, it became evident that so many people were struggling with that. They were kind of being the person. They thought everybody else wanted them to be. Or living a life that they really didn’t like, and they get older. And they’re like, what am I doing? You know, it’s, this is not where I thought I would be. So that’s what made me write it because it was. Honestly, a lot of a journey of my own that other people were going through as well. So I found some key areas that seem to hold people back and I wanted to share strategies to be able to get over that and to build life with little more intentionally.
  • [00:05:34] Kristin: So if I’m having the same conversation with so many of my friends and clients, and like, this is a challenge, like this people need help with this. So I want to put that out this time. I feel like what made it easier for me as I did. More outlining and researching before I started writing were last time, you know, they’re like, yeah, I had a coach one time, tell me it wasn’t you just said, just write, just start writing. . . And then we’ll piecemeal it together this time. It was easier to [00:06:00] kind of put my thoughts together and figure out, you know, where you researched this whereabouts written on this topic before. So I was able to organize it a lot more efficiently.
  • [00:07:06] Kristin: I moved too fast. So I feel like the first book I didn’t, I didn’t ask for or seek help early enough. This one I sought help before I even started writing. So I was on the ground running and of course from having done it, yeah. Before I had contacts that were editors and graphic artists and things like that, I’m an outsource type of person.
  • [00:09:57] Kristin: So I picked people intentionally that like, right. They know [00:10:00] me there, they read their readers normally. Um, and they kinda know what I stand for. And what was interesting is I really thought the book was for. Forties and fifties, predominantly females. That was when I wrote it, I was like, that’s kind of my market.[00:10:17] Then the guy that read, it said, Oh my God, gosh, this is fantastic for men and women, but I you’re more stories. You’re some of my stories and examples were mostly women. His suggestion was add a couple more guys stories and I’m like, okay, that’s easy to do. I hadn’t thought of it. And so what was, what was interesting is they were giving me great feedback, but it was areas they were also able to point out is like, Hey, I don’t really know what you’re talking about here.[00:10:42] Or you already told me the story earlier. So they were pointing out things that as a writer, I didn’t catch. Cause I’ve read it. You’re so close to it. And once you read it the 9 million time, it kind of all. Blends together.[00:10:56] I’m so I’m thrilled. I did it. It’s one of the process down [00:11:00] at time. I mean, depends on how long you give him to read it. I gave him about three weeks to read and get their feedback and they were off. They were on exit. It didn’t slow it down that much.
  • [00:16:02] Kristin: So I’m very intentional with calls to action. Cause I’m, I mean, I’m a business strategist at the end of the day, so it was intentional that I would have them. So it kind of naturally developed when we outline the book there’s four main sections or four main parts of the book at the end of each part or living in each part.[00:16:19] Actually we have a call to action. And what I developed with the call to action is it goes to the website. You can download a user, got a workbook that goes with it totally free, but you download the workbook that goes with the book. So if you’re really kind of putting some of these practices and strategies in place, it gives you a chance to map it out. [00:16:38] You can build your plan. That’s really a plan that goes along in the book. So, yeah, we and I intentionally knew that I wanted something that, cause I’m a, I’m a hard book. Type of person. Like I don’t do, I don’t do Kindles. I have candles, you know, I have Kindle and I have audible and I never use either one of them because I like to highlight, write notes and double your things. [00:16:57] I just, I like paper books. So I wanted [00:17:00] something that people could print out if they want to work alone, whether they did Kindle or audible at some point, or what have you. So it’s definitely intentional. The other thing we did before the book launch about about two months before is I built a page Facebook page for the book. [00:17:15] I’m very active on social media, um, Elsa page and shared it. And we have about a little over 1200 people that follow the page and we built that audience pretty quick. Um, so I was able to presale and do some different things there. We didn’t cover design contest and all kind of stuff.
  • [00:24:56] Kristin: Nope. I mean, when I think when my first came out, I’m like, Hey, we’re for [00:25:00] sale. Go by now. But it’s, you know, now I have a lot of quotes in the book. I’m total quote junkie. So I have a lot of pullout quotes in the book and I’ve made those into some graphics that I can easily post on social media and pose a question. Um, you know, I, I did a post yesterday on the page that it was talking about. There’s a section called rounding out your edges and you know, how as women, especially like as little girls, we were told that. Hold it in. And I did a post with my daughters yesterday about being bossy, being labeled bossy. So how many themes, if you really think about your book, any book, no matter what your topic is, you can pull out some themes and do a cool little post and asked to pose a question or, you know, quotes always get a ton of reaction. So I think that’s always fun too.
  • [00:28:11] Kristin: And then, plus again, if your themes and your messages are kind of permeate through all the work you do, like, like I said, if you come. If someone comes, sees me speak or a company hires me to come in, you’re going to get a lot of the same themes. You’re not going to get the same exact stories. You’re not going to get the same exact verbiage, but the things are the same. So people know what they’re getting. So I’ve got, you know, if you women’s summits, I’m keynoting this fall where, you know, that’s, we’re talking about topics from the book. So I’ve sent the. The people that promoted or not promoted, organize it. I’ve sent them the book and they’re like, Oh yeah, you know, let’s expand on this. So you don’t want to work with a company. They can easily pull out. Yep. Here’s where we’re having our challenge. And you kind of go down that, that thing.
  • [00:29:28] Kristen: You know, what, where’s your, your core area of opportunity here? And they can usually pull out something, you know, this is, you know, women’s group, the two women’s group and the fall, or most freshly mind. Cause I’ve been talking with their, their people recently. And they’re really easy to say, yeah, we’re challenged with this, you know, honestly, In engaging with people is a topic I speak on a lot. . . And it talks in here a little bit about that because the reason we have trouble engaging is because we’re trying to speak to an audience. That’s everybody. And that’s the whole point of this book is you’re not for [00:30:00] everybody figure out who your people are. You know, I’d much rather have 1200 people on my page who are talking to me and engaging.

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