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S3 E5: Draw Upon Universal Lessons in Your Book to Reach Important Readers

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Marketing strategist AJ Joiner on how to impact your audience and connect with them through your book. 



Today’s Invisible Stories guest is AJ Joiner, a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur, marketing strategist, coach, radio host, and author of several marketing books, including Stop Bullsh!#%ng & Write Your Book! AJ consults with a wide variety of clients about marketing themselves and how to get their information out there through social media and the written word. He helps authors strategize how to reach their target audience and pull out threads from their writing that are universally relatable to their readers. 

In this podcast, AJ offers amazing insight into how he strategizes with his authors, and what it takes to market yourself to your maximum potential. AJ shares his process for guiding authors through their writing process: 

  • He has them focus on what are the universal lessons that the author learned through their experiences of trauma, and how they can use those lessons as talking points and a way to reframe interviews or discussions about their work. 
  • How he impresses upon people the idea that they shouldn’t be writing for the money, but rather to have their legacy left behind them and to encourage others that they, too, have a story worth telling. 
  • Some tips and things to look out for in order to avoid predatory publishers looking to take advantage of authors. 

Stop BullSh*#^g and Write Your Book

Studies show that 96% of people feel like they should write a book. But did you know that less than 2% of those people actually write a book? And less than 1% publish it.

I wrote this book for the 96%. I’ve written and published 4 books, and I have it down to an art. This guide will introduce you to that art… the art of writing and publishing in 30 days or less.

Join me on the published author side.

Key Takeaways

[00:13:37] AJ: So, yes. And I’m sure you see this a lot in eight out of 10 people that I talk to, they want to tell their own story. Right. And your story is interesting to you and your friends. However comma, if you can tell your story in such a way to where you pull out those threads that are more universal and that impact other people, um, [00:14:00] that’s how you use a book to sort of change.

[00:14:03] Possibly the trajectory of your business in your life, because now you’re touching on things that impact other people. We all have a shared human experience. We all have the same, you know, ups and downs and anxieties and fears. And we all lay in bed at night and toss and turn over to the conversation we should have had.

[00:14:22] And some of the conversations we had where we should have said that one word differently. Right. So we all hear that. So what are those threads that are in your story?

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