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There are several different varieties of hybrid publishing companies but a general consensus is that a hybrid publisher combines the services and expertise of a traditional publisher, but in more alignment with what you might spend if you were to self-publish. Working with a hybrid publisher means that you will be walked through the publishing process in the same manner (if not better) than you would with a more traditional publishing house which will save you time, headaches, and resources.

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At Publish Your Purpose we go all-in with our authors. Not only are we publishing your book, but we are also supporting your business and speaker career.

Publish Your Purpose (PYP) is a hybrid publishing company that works with purpose driven authors that have a story to tell. We elevate our PYP authors by focusing on their marketing and business strategy. Helping them understand how to elevate their voice as a thought leader to make a greater impact on their community. 

PYP not only focuses on the mechanics and logistics of publishing the book itself, but we also strongly focus on how an author’s book will benefit their business and impact the world positively. PYP has a full-service, author based team, that works with authors through every step of the process. The author is in the driver’s seat allowing them to make the final decisions with their book.

We also focus on the emotional toll that authors can endure during this process. When telling your story it can be emotionally draining and challenging to write about topics that are close to your heart. Jenn T. Grace, founder and CEO of PYP, remarks “Writing brings up everyone’s baggage. Emotional baggage, self-doubt, limiting beliefs—I’ve written seven books myself and I’ve been there. At Publish Your Purpose, we focus on supporting our authors through all the ups and downs, all the vulnerabilities, and all the breakthroughs.

Publish Your Purpose was created with you in mind, the purpose-driven person.

We understand that a publisher-author relationship must be mutually beneficial. Our mission at PYP is to discover and publish authors who are striving to make a difference in the world, who have a story to tell, an author brand to build – that can and will make an impact. We work with authors of all kinds that fulfill the mission of being a purpose-driven individual. Regardless of what your purpose is, we want to help you amplify your message, to help others, and to grow your author brand.

We won’t strong-arm you into working with us if it is not the right fit – for both of us. We look out for your best interest as well as our own.

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