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Become a Published Author

in Under a Year

So, You Want to Become a Published Author

The good news is, we can help you get there. You’ve finally finished your manuscript and are considering
your publishing options. It’s overwhelming (we know because we’ve been there ourselves). A quick search
leaves you with more questions than answers:

Should I self-publish?

How long will this take?

Is my book worth publishing?

Go the traditional route?

Does my book need editing?

Do I have something unique to say?

How much will it cost?

How do I market my book?

Am I doing this right?

​Do I need to hire someone to manage this for me?

If you’re feeling lost, you’re in the right place.

Get the quality and prestige of a traditional publisher with the
creative freedom and high royalties of self-publishing.

Become a Published Author

in Under a Year

With Publish Your Purpose, we use our professional expertise in the publishing industry
to transform your manuscript into a published book in under a year.

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How It Works

How It Works

Submit Your Manuscript

As a professional hybrid publisher, we only publish high-quality books that meet and exceed industry standards. Our award-winning books are eligible for reviews by traditional review outlets and are respected worldwide.

Publish With Us in Under a Year

If our acquiring editor approves your manuscript, you will be invited to join the PYP Author Family. We bring you along for the ride as we transform your manuscript into the book you’ve been dreaming of.

Get Organized

One of the hardest parts of publishing is not knowing what you need to do and when. This can make it very difficult to stay on track, while also promoting your book to your audience. In private one-on-one sessions, we sit down together and map out the moving pieces and parts to set you up for success.

Return on Investment

We know publishing comes with many expenses so we will work with you so you can see how much you have already spent, how much you still need to spend, and how you can quickly make that money back. It’s not just the individual sale of one book, but also selling books in large quantities, and the new consulting and/or speaking opportunities you will create.


Through the entire publishing process, we will be by your side as a project manager ensuring you are staying on deadline and within your budget, while not adding to your stress.

Professional Edits

Our editors will work tirelessly to ensure your manuscript meets industry standards, so you publish a high-quality, well-edited book that is a true reflection of you, your brand, and your business.

Creative Control

Often during the traditional publishing process you, as the author, lose creative control over your book. We will work with you to help you sell your book to your audience, so that means you get full creative control.

Strong Design

We know the ins-and-outs of effective industry-standard design, so you don’t have to worry about missing the mark. Our designers will develop a unique and gripping cover design to captivate your potential readers and the right interior layout for your book to ensure a smooth and seamless reader experience.


How your book ends up in the hands of your reader is one of the most important steps and deciding which distribution path is the best for your book is imperative. Different books require different distribution paths, which we will identify for you.

Strategic Marketing

You’re not on your own with marketing—we’ll help you develop and execute a strategic marketing approach that ensures your readers will find, buy, and share your book.

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Meet The Publisher

About Publish Your Purpose

Publish Your Purpose is a hybrid publishing house of non-fiction books. We are experts in elevating thought leadership through books. Our mission is to elevate and amplify the voices of others—especially those regularly excluded from traditional publishing houses.

As an anti-predatory publisher, we are fully invested in, and committed to, the success of our authors. We are focused on building long-term author relationships, not business transactions. With Publish Your Purpose, you will publish the absolute best representation of you and your brand to grow your business and impact your community.

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BIPOC Authors

We are striving to be as diverse and inclusive as we can be, but recognize we still have work to do.

Publish Your Purpose treats you like a human, not as a contract. They they get to know you and lean in where they need to lean in with you and are very, very helpful and quick to respond.

Paul Wolfe

This is a great investment to make for your book. There’s absolutely no way I would have known how to get a book out into the world and with PYP I’ve done it!

Fiona Dawson

PYP is a warm family. They connect you with other authors and other experts to elevate your book and give you the support that you need to create the best book that you can.

Etty Burk

Publish Your Purpose genuinely cares about you.

From first-time authors to more established authors, Jenn T. Grace and her team authentically care about you and your message to the world. You can trust Publish Your Purpose to guide you through the publishing process and come out on the other side with a book you can be proud of. Publishing your book takes knowledge, skill, patience and experience. Publish Your Purpose will help you navigate these unfamiliar waters to ensure what you put out into the world represents your vision, mission and, as the brand name says, your purpose.

—Bill C.

Publish Your Purpose is refreshingly JUST what they say.

Founder and CEO Jenn T. Grace is truly a book sherpa, who built PYP as a frustrated author. She has created an author-centric model that makes book-writing approachable, efficient, and even joyful. AND we get to retain ownership of OUR IP – that shouldn’t be as jaw-dropping as it is. I’ve recommended PYP to every soul I meet who’s thinking of writing a book. As well as several who aren’t, but I think should be. Get involved with PYP before you publicly commit to writing a book – they’ll make it more likely that you succeed!

—Nell Derick Debevoise
Going First

PYP gave me the tools and the support to bring my message to the world.

Their careful attention to detail and their quick, easy communication put my mind at ease. I would highly recommend PYP to anyone who is wary of self publishing, and yet, intimidated by the prospect of hiring an agent to get them into one of the Big 5 publishing houses. I had a say in every step along the process and I am thrilled with my finished book in every way.

—Chris Davis

PYP was a joy to work with.

Efficient, helpful, always ready to guide and advise, I felt supported at every step of the journey. Thank you PYP and I look forward to working with you again.

—Prune Harris
Your Radiant Soul

My experience with PYP far exceeded my expectations.

From the first contact with Jenn through the entire process, I felt seen heard, understood and cared for. I am grateful for the experience and the connections made with the PYP team!

—Loren Sanders
Empathy Is Not A Weakness

Working with Publish Your Purpose was a fascinating process; pulling back the curtains and looking at what it actually takes to publish your book once you submit your manuscript versus what my expectations were.

Jenn and her team collaborated with me to understand the timeline and all of the steps in the process – we were even able to come in ahead of some of our deadlines! And at the end of the process we published a book I’m so proud of.

—Eileen Scully
In The Company of Men

Thanks to Jenn and her PYP team, I am finally fulfilling a dream of mine that I have had since I was 13 years old – to be a published author!

I first started working with PYP back in January 2022, having no prior experience writing a book, and I couldn’t have managed this process without them, especially Jenn and Bailly. They have both been a true source of guidance, support and even therapy for me during the most difficult moments of completing my manuscript. I couldn’t have asked for a better publisher and I look forward to writing many more books with PYP.

—Julie Wanzer, LEED AP
Get Them to Care

Jenn and her team were really able to talk out my vision.

I recognized in writing my book that while I am an expert in psychology and Urban Trauma, I needed to find a partner with an expertise in publishing, that could create an achievable framework for me to get my book completed. And that’s exactly what PYP provided for me. And here I am, a published author!

—Dr. Maysa Akbar
Urban Trauma & Beyond Ally

Jenn and the entire PYP team have been phenomenal publishing partners.

They didn’t just publish my book, they coached me, guided me, and gently provided insightful feedback. I know other publishers don’t provide the same level of personalized service. I found it extremely rewarding to work with them.

—Fern Pessin
I'll Be Right There

I knew that running my business didn’t allow me to fully focus on publishing my book and I needed to find a publishing partner.

The experts at Publish Your Purpose were able to guide me through the process while also allowing me to focus on my day to day duties of business ownership, resulting in a book that is not only a work of love, but also a wonderful marketing tool.

—Cathi Nelson
Photo Organizing Made Easy

I knew from both my professional background in sourcing and witnessing some of my friends painful self-publishing experiences, that when writing and publishing my book, I was going to need to outsource to an expert. Jenn and Team PYP proved to be just that, providing me with a book that was done well, done correctly, and highlights my leadership expertise.

—Jamie S Crump
Backstage Pass

I interviewed other publishers before I met Jenn and their main focus was solely just producing a book.

The difference in working with Jenn and her team is they not only supported my passion and purpose through this challenging process, but they shared in them and kept me focused as well. Thank you, Jenn, for being a great coach!

—Heather Ettinger

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