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Chris Agnos

Project Manager

Chris is a storyteller with a mission to evolve human consciousness such that humanity is able to thrive in connection with the living Earth. When he is not helping authors achieve their mission and purpose through Publish Your Purpose, he is creating video stories for the non-profit he co-founded with his wife Dawn and for other clients. He also edits his wife’s videos for the social media channel “Dawn The Empath.” Beyond work, Chris loves spending time on the beach and riding his bike around the beautiful town of Delray Beach, Florida.

A Q&A with the Publish Your Purpose Team

1. How did you come to work with PYP?

I was browsing jobs on Indeed and was struck by how synergistic Publish Your Purpose was with my own values and life purpose. Looking through the list of published books brought so much joy to my heart. All of the authors who publish their books through Publish Your Purpose are coming from such an authentic place and desire to share their wisdom with the world. We are in the midst of a great change in our collective story and that is what each author here is contributing to. It is my honor to assist all of you with that mission.

2. What do you enjoy the most about your work?

I enjoy meeting people who feel a desire to make the world a better place, people who come from a place of authenticity, and who are enacting their purpose in the world. When I meet people like this, I feel as though I’ve met a sister or a brother, a fellow sojourner in the magic called life. Helping people achieve their life mission brings me no greater joy.

3. What are your favorite books or genre?

Philosophy, alternative economics, books that speak a truth that is rarely spoken.

4. How do you spend your free time?

Riding bikes, hanging out at the beach, eating amazing food, cuddling with my cats, and enjoying stimulating conversations with my wife, Dawn.

5. If you could have dinner with anyone, past or present, who would it be?

I’m lucky because I am able to have dinner with her every single night – my wife Dawn.

6. What is one thing very few people know about you?

Gosh, if I write that here, it will no longer be true! In truth, I’m a pretty open book and don’t keep secrets. Ask me anything you want to know!

7. How would you define your purpose?

My purpose is to help humanity transition from the Story of Separation to the Story of Interbeing, to be a voice of love and reason in this critical time for our species, to ensure a world where every life has the ability to thrive in their short time on this planet.

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