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One of the most important decisions you can make as an author is the publishing house you choose. If you are a nonfiction author who writes purpose-driven books, choosing a local publisher means strengthening your connection to your local community.

Publish Your Purpose is a hybrid publisher based in Connecticut. We elevate and amplify the voices of others—especially those regularly excluded from traditional publishing houses.

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What Does Publishing Locally Look Like?

Over recent years you may have noticed a strong resurgence of the “shop local” movement. It’s a way of consuming that allows us to directly support communities and connect with the people behind a product.

As an author, you may have considered publishing your next book locally—and for good reason. In contrast to traditional publishing, choosing a local hybrid publisher can help you cultivate a deeper connection to your local community, give you greater creative control of your book, and reward you with higher royalties. While the prestige of following a traditional publishing path with a corporation may be tempting, traditional publishing is not a great fit for everyone. Traditional publishers can be discriminatory, exclusive, and rife with gatekeeping.

Thankfully, looking for a book publisher closer to home can have many benefits for purpose-driven authors.

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The Benefits of Choosing a Local Publisher


We Want To See Local People Thrive

The book publishing industry is still filled with predatory and vanity publishers who put corporate greed ahead of your unique creativity. As a hybrid publisher, we work closely with you to create a final product that you’re proud of. We’re proud of our home state, and want to see local talent flourish.


When We Know Your Backyard, There’s a Deeper Point of Connection

A publisher who knows your stomping ground is more likely to understand the references and context of your book. This is particularly important in nonfiction, purpose-driven book publishing. At Publish Your Purpose, we believe in representing Connecticut’s culturally-diverse landscape. We live here and want our state to thrive.


We’re Invested in Our Community

When a publisher is invested in the area in which you live, they’ll already be a voice in your community. Look for publishers who give back to the community through free workshops, seminars, and charitable initiatives.

At Publish Your Purpose, we’re proud to have a deep understanding of and connection with Connecticut.

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At Publish Your Purpose, Community and Representation Matter

The community-minded element of independent, local publishers can be especially suitable if you’re an author trying to make a difference in the world. Looking for book publishers in Connecticut? Nice to meet you, neighbor!

Here’s how we put our community-centered values into action at Publish Your Purpose:

  • Our founder, Jenn T. Grace, is the co-founder and board chair of B Local Connecticut—a group that supports environmentally-conscious, ethically-minded businesses experiencing equitable and inclusive growth
  • We contribute to social enterprise nonprofits such as reSET (based in Hartford), which work to help consciously-minded startups overcome barriers to launch groundbreaking ideas
  • We host events and free online training sessions for aspiring authors
  • As an LGBTQ+ and women-owned B Corporation™, our lived experiences help inform our representation efforts

Person participating in the Publish Your Purpose 30-day book writing challenge using laptop computer to write book.

We’ve Published Books for More Than 20 Connecticut Authors

That’s right—we’ve worked with many authors from Connecticut, and are proud of the final published works from each of them. Here are just a handful of the books we’ve published with Connecticut authors, with each representing a valuable cause.

Angela Silva Mendes

writes on self-development in Getting There By Being Here: Life’s Invitations To Dance

Beth Bolton

writes on entrepreneurship in For the Love of Cake: An Entrepreneur’s Journey

Stephen Higgins

writes on amplifying student voices in I Am Me

I Am Me is a truly transformative book and resource for educators across America. Oliver Ellsworth School, located in Windsor, is one of the most diverse schools in Connecticut. In this book, they tell the stories of their town, in the hope they’ll help us move from institutions of oppression to empowerment. Nearly 100 students between the ages of three and eight can now proudly call themselves published authors after participating in this remarkable project.

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