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Lots of people dream of becoming an author, but few of us actually finish our manuscripts. Why is that? Life has a way of getting busy, work has a way of interrupting, and when we don’t prioritize book writing, it usually just won’t happen.

That is—unless we do make it happen.

In this 30-day book writing challenge, join dozens of aspiring (or multibook) authors who share a dream to get their ideas down on paper, and (finally!) get that first draft over with.


What Is the 30-Day Book Writing Challenge?

It’s simple: Join a community of writers in writing a 30,000-word manuscript over the course of 30 days.

Inspired by NaNoWriMo, the annual book writing challenge that takes place in November across the globe for novelists to write 50,000 words, the PYP 30-day book writing challenge helps you write the first draft of your book. The difference? This challenge is self-paced. The word count is slightly lower to set a more attainable writing goal and it’s focused on non-fiction writing.

30,000 words might sound like a lot. Impossible even. It’s not! Think of it this way: 30,000 words in 30 days comes out to just 1,000 words per day. And with a community of writers to commiserate (and share successes) within Facebook, it will feel even more possible!

Happy with only email tips during the challenge?

That’s fine! Community participation is optional.

Why Join Our Book Challenge?


Find the Structure You Need

When writing a book, it can be immeasurably helpful to have someone else impose some structure on your writing routine.

If you sign up for the 30-day book writing challenge, you will finally have a foolproof way to get your manuscript written. Just write 1,000 words a day. Once you’ve finished your words for the day, check them off your list , and don’t think about writing again until the next day.


Join a Community of Fellow Writers

You know when people say that writing is a solitary, even perhaps lonely, experience? Sure, it can be that way. But when you join our writing challenge, you uncover the power of shared experience and community motivation.

When you’re feeling writer procrastination creeping up, or are experiencing full-on writer’s block, you can fall on us and your fellow book-writing participants for moral support, words of encouragement, and inspiration.


Get Daily Book Writing Tips

Writing can be tough, and we know this firsthand as published authors. So, how do you trick your brain into writing? Especially when you have to write every day, a lot, even when you don’t want to?

We’ll send you 30 daily writing tips directly to your inbox to help you get through the month of writing. From how to write a shitty first draft, to how to craft the most productive writing routine, you’ll have everything you’ll need to be successful.


End Up With the First Draft of Your Manuscript

It might seem too good to be true at this moment, but if you stay committed to this challenge, you will end up with the first draft of your manuscript by the end. Can you imagine what that might feel like? To have a completed first draft right there in front of you?

Sign Up to Join the 30-Day Challenge


A Sneak Peek of Book Writing Tips

First, meet Jenn, Founder of Publish Your Purpose, and get a feel for this challenge.


Here’s a little taste of some of the tips you’ll see if you join the challenge!

Tip #2:

Give Yourself Permission to Write a Shitty First Draft

This tip is so fundamentally important that we needed to share it. The whole premise of our 30-Day Book Writing challenge centers around the idea of just getting the book written. And if you’re going to write an entire manuscript first draft in 30 days, you need to get used to the idea that it’s probably going to be pretty… shitty.

But that’s the point! You can’t craft a bestseller from thin air, you need a shitty first draft first. You need the clay, you need something to work with. During this month, you will learn how to write something, and then leave it alone! Leave it alone until you are done with your first draft and can begin to edit it.

Tip #9:

Create a Writing Routine

One of the best ways to build a writing habit is to craft a perfect writing routine (that you stick to)! You can experiment with different setups, but a few ideas include:

  • Bringing your laptop to a local cafe, ordering your favorite hot drink, and letting the words flow among the distant chatter of coffee drinkers
  • Sitting at your favorite desk at home with the lights dimmed, two scented candles lit, and your phone turned off and hidden in the other room
  • Drafting out your ideas by hand in a leather-bound notebook, then letting the words flow from your laptop while sitting on your patio or a local park bench

You get the idea. Writing can be really fun, and by creating a special environment for the activity, you will find that it’s easier to get the words flowing and hit your word count for the day.

Tip #14:

Track Your Progress

Part of motivating yourself throughout the month is keeping track of your incredible progress. We can anticipate that there may be some days where you just can’t get the words to happen, but there will be other days where you can’t stop writing. By keeping track of the word count of your manuscript, you can celebrate the successes along your journey. And have something concrete to tell people when they ask the dreaded question, “So, how’s that book coming along?”

And Then What?

If you’re already on board for the 30-day challenge and want to plan for what comes after you’re done with your 30,000-word manuscript… here’s your answer.

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At Publish Your Purpose, we offer writing and publishing support for you and your book—no matter the stage you’re at.

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